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Matt Heaps AWS CWI, API 570, API 1169, NACE CIP Lev. 1

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State: GA Georgia
Country: United States
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AWS CWI, API 570, API 1169, NACE CIP Lev. 1
Accomplished Certified Welding Inspector with strong NDE background and significant experience that spans 13 years
which include field, shop and supervision from project planning through execution. Recognized as a strong leader who not
only meets but exceeds both client and company expectations. Experienced in specialized mechanical contract applications
that includes fabrication of ASME and API code stamped items as well as code repair and or replacement activities in
Power Generation, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper and Construction of Pipeline and related facilities.
Demonstrated successes serving several large new construction projects in addition to working at various large repair jobs
in refineries, power boilers consisting of piping, vessel and tube repairs.
Knowledgeable in the following Codes/Standards:
ASME B&PV Code Sections I, III, V, VIII div. 1, IX, XI.
ANSI/ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.8
API 1104, 1169, 510, 570 650, 653, 571, 574, 577.
AWS/ANSI D1.1, D1.6