Non Destructive Testing Supervisor/Assistant Quality Assurance Officer/Quality Assurance Supervisor

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State: AL Alabama
Country: United States
I need a job as soon as possible.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Designated as the Leading Petty Officer for the Quality Assurance Division
Designated as the Assistance Quality Assurance Officer
Achieved 8 of 8 Qualifications possible: Quality Assurance Supervisor; Work Center Supervisor; Fleet Maintenance Activity Planner; Quality Assurance Inspector; Reactor Plant Cleanliness Inspector/Certifier; Steam Plant Systems Cleanliness Inspector/Certifier; Controlled Material Petty Officer/Controlled Material Handler; Craftsman
Level II NDT Supervisor for the command in the following methods: VT, PT, MT, and UT
Lean Six Sigma White Belt (Pursuing Project management and Green Belt this August 2020)
Gas Free Engineer
All certifications and proof of qualifications are available upon request
High School Diploma (pursuing higher education)
HT A and C school for the following methods - SMAW, GTAW, NDT Level II VT, PT, MT, UT
Gas Free Engineering
Quality Assurance Inspector
USMAPS Certification in Non Destructive Tester for Professional and Kindred
All certifications and proof of top graduate in all courses are available upon request
In less than 5 years I enlisted as an E-1 and was honorable discharged as an E-6 with all of those titles, certifications, and qualifications listed above. Not only that but to become a qualified sailor they would have to pass written tests that I wrote, and oral boards that I conducted. As the cognizant examiner and assistant quality assurance officer, I performed/inspected/and approved over hundreds of controlled work packages ranging from O2N2 to reactor plant work. Letters of recommendation, previous examiners, and all officers referrals are available upon request.