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Rope access welding inspector

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Dye penetrant L.2 COFREND
Work safely at heights
Confined spaces
Gas test atmospheres
Fire training
TIG Coded
SMAW Coded
MIG Coded
Institut de soudure | 2014 - 2015
IWT ( International Welding technologist)
Certi f ied IWT by the International Institute of Welding
Monge High School | 2010 - 2014
Higher technician certi f icate in Industrial Boi lermaking
- AREVA NP: Site manager of the INSTITUT DE SOUDURE inspectors team for AREVA
for replacement of the steam generators of nuclear power plants (6 inspectors 24/24
7/7) to enforce the quality of all the companies : AREVA, NORDON, ENDEL, SPIE,
.Prerequisites control: Intervention files, welders & controllers qualifications.
.Follow-up of welding & controls, boilermaking, piping, assembly, mechanics and lifting.
.Quality management and control, compliance with technical requirements.
- Pressure vessel inspector on refinery shutdowns, visual testing, remote visual
inspection, UT tickness min, dye penetrant inspection and hydraulic pressure test for
the following companies: Total, Exxon Mobil, Kem one, Air Liquide etc.
- TOTAL: Welding Inspector on pipelines.
- ENGIE: CYCOFOS's preparation of gas plant shutdown. Technical assistance for
shutdown's needs : Quantity of scaffolding and insulation. Methodology for carrying out
inspections and hydraulic tests. Evaluation of the welding work to be planned.
- DCNS: Supervision of the construction of submarine parts at MINERVA-ISSARTEL
workshop : Quality control, Inspection stainless steel welding and controls PT, RT, UT.
- LTM BILFINGER: WPQ management and resource requirements on sites (200
- WPQ & PQR inspector for the following companies: Westinghouse, Alstom, Eiffel,
Omexon, LTM, Sigedi, ADF, SPX, Foselev, Derichebourg, Gonzales, Nexter etc.
Experience in Australia as a Boilermaker in the WA's mines.