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American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspector CWI #02100961,
American Petroleum Institute (API) 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector ( Expires 7-07) June
American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 Above Ground Storage Task Inspector ( Expires 3-07)
American Petroleum Institute (API) 570 Process Piping Inspector ( Expires 10-07 )
American Society of Non Destructive Testing (ASNT) Level II MT, PT, RT, VT, UT
British Petroleum (BP) Radiographic Testing (RT) Level 2 certified
Offshore Water Survival Training
American Welding Society
American Petroleum Institute
American Society of Non Destructive Testing
* Energy Transfer Texas QA Senior Welding Inspector Compression Group (11-15/Present)
Assigned with the tasks of a Senior Welding Inspection oversight, Mechanical Integrity, QA Inspections, Materials Standards Verification, Final As Built Drawing Package completion and QA documentation tracking/traceability during the fabrication, installation, testing, commissioning and final Job Completion Book turnover for several Natural Gas Compressor Stations throughout the United States.

* Flint Hills Resources Corpus Christi, TX Quality Assurance Supervisor CAPITAL PROJECTS / MI (10-14/10-15)
Quality Assurance Supervisor and Lead MI Inspector responsible for Internal Auditing and final Mechanical Integrity Inspection and QA Documentation Verification of all IFC Engineered work orders including Capital Ventures, Routine Maintenance, and Turn Around Projects for the Flint Hills Resources Corpus Christi West Pant, East Plant and Ingleside Terminal facilities.

*Chevron Corp. Ingleside, TX Quality Assurance Representative BIGFOOT TLP MORRING SYSTEM (7-12/10-14)
Provide Quality Assurance Verification and Inspection Management during construction of The Worlds Deepest TLP Platform for the Chevron Bigfoot project. My tasks included all final Visual Inspections, dimensional and material verifications, coordinating NDE personnel, verifying all Radiographic images, maintaining and verifying project punch list, verifying completion of NCR's, tracking field progress, and approving final Quality Assurance verification of final project compliance documentation prior to final offshore load out of Piles and Tendons.

* Enterprise Product Partners Yoakum, Texas Quality Assurance Lead/MI CRYOGENIC LNG PLANT(10-11/5-12)
Provide Quality Assurance and Mechanical Integrity verification from start to finish of purchase orders and engineering specifications during the construction and plant commissioning of The Eagle Ford Cryogenic LNG facilities. My tasks also included Project Tracking, Final Construction QA Verification, and Certifying Process System Testing, Performing final Mechanical Integrity checks, performing PSSR walk downs, and assisting Operations Teams in initial Unit Start-up.

* Chevron Corp Torrance, CA Lead QA / Quality Management Coordinator TA / CAPITAL PROJECTS (6-07/8-11)
Assumed Quality Management and Quality Assurance responsabilities for Turnaround and Capital Projects. My tasks were to review all engineering work orders, designate inspection quality hold points, develop and manage Quality Management and Quality Assurance Project Tracking database systems. Track and verify all shop and Field Welding, Verify and audit NDT Reporting and procedures , final Visual Inspections and Project QC/QA Document Archival as pertains to every type of fixed Process Equipment. Building and maintaining construction packages, Coordinating QA/QC personnel as to daily work priorities. Developed and built QA project tracking system. Witness Hydro testing, reviewing completed construction packages. Perform Contractor audits. Designating hold points for work preformed. Updating schedulers and contractors on current project status as well as informing them to any engineering changes. Performing internal and external QA Audits and assist in corrective actions. Monitoring Contractor performance, reviewing contractor QA Plans, Review completed work packages. Consulting with the various Contractors as to work priorities, updating and further developing QA and QM project databases.. Coordinated NDE personnel. Assist Operation personnel during unit start-ups.

* JV Piping LTD. Rancho Dominguez, CA Chief QA/QC Project Inspector TA PROJECTS (11-06 / 5-07)
QC/QA supervisor & Chief Inspector for Chevron El Segundo Turnaround projects. My tasks included overseeing all inspection and construction activities, reviewing repair procedures, advising with construction personnel as to code requirements, designating hold points for NDE, Maintaining weld logs, Testing welders, weld mapping, visual Inspections, coordinating NDE Personnel, and closing out client & ASME code construction packages.

*Valero Energy Corp. Houston, Texas QA / NDT Inspection Coordinator TA PROJECTS (08-06) (10-06)
Working for the Valero Houston Maintenance Manager for the 2006 Plant wide Shutdown. My task include Developing wall charts with Test pressures and hold points for fixed equipment including Exchangers, Vessels, PSV’s ect. Review Exchangers and identify which designs containg floating heads that need to be shipped out for bundle testing. Review Piping scopes and Developing NDE requirements. Also to Integrate all of the contractors work scopes and QC plans with sign offs and Designate Hold points for the projects. My tasks also include. Work tracking and traceability for the Valero 2006 $50 million dollar maintenance project.

*P2S/Flour Global Deer Park, TX QC/QA Inspector/ Project Coordinator TA PROJECTS (03-06) (08-06)
Lead inspector and Project coordinator at the Chevron El Segundo, California refinery and at the Conoco Phillips plant in Wilmington, California. My tasks included reviewing repair procedures and designating hold points. Building code and construction packages. Building and tracking all field work. Building and keeping welding traceability, and turning over final packages to Chevron and Conoco Phillips Operations and QA personnel.

*MBF Services Roswell, NM BP Project QA Representative SUB SEA PIPELINE PROJECTS (11-05) (02-06)
British Petroleum project QA Representative during the 17000 ft repair relocation project of an offshore sub sea pipeline. My tasks included overseeing that all construction was built in compliance to all applicable Codes, Standards, and Specifications. My tasks also included; visual inspection, coordinating NDE personnel, reviewing Radiographic Film, keeping weld traceability and documentation.

*Velosi America Houston, TX QA/QC Client Representative SUB SEA COMPONENTS PROJECTS (09-05) (10-05)
QA Client Representative during the manufacture of two Modules for The Technip Saudi Arabia project. My tasks included vendor surveillance. Performing audits and inspection of the manufacturers Quality Control System. Reviewing NDE results and verifying that the manufacturer complied with and included all items found on the approved purchase order.

*TechCorr Engineering & Inspection Houston, TX QC/QA Mechanical Inspector TA/MI PROJECTS (07-05)
Mechanical Inspector in charge of inspection all of the Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Towers, Drums, and Fin-Fans during the 2006 Turn-Around at Texas Petro-Chemical plant in Pasadena, TX. My Tasks included overseeing all the inspection activities for all equipment scheduled for maintenance. Tasks also included Inspection of all pressure vessel components, recommending, approving and overseeing repair procedures, VT inspection on exchanger bundles, witnessing hydro-testing, documenting the findings, and writing recommendations for future inspection and repairs.

*Cust-o-Fab Field Services Tulsa, OK Project QC/QA Inspector MI PROJECTS (06/05) (07-05)
Project inspector in charge of overseeing the reconstruction of 2 heaters at the DOW Chemical Plant in Baytown, TX. My Tasks included visual inspection; weld traceability, coordinating NDE personnel, and presenting the client with a completed job package.

* Kleinfelder Engineering San Francisco, CA Senior Code Inspector CAPITAL PROJECTS (09/04- 12/04)
Senior Inspector in charge of meeting all Quality Control requirements for DSA School projects for the State of California. Task included Monitoring all welding throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in fabrication shops who were pre-fabricating steel for the school projects and witnessing all fieldwork. Tasks also included preparing welding documentation, consulting with the General Contractors, Structural Engineers, and building officials as to all welding and steel erection code requirements. Helping with corrective actions and performing all necessary visual and Non-Destructive examinations required.

* Argile Plastics Inc Puebla, Mexico Inspection Project Manager GLOBAL MI PROJECTS (05/04-09/04)
Quality Control Manager & Inspection consultant for the Rapid Tower project designed by Up & Running Inc. for the Argile Plastics Plant .The 2 Level Tower was built in Puebla, Mexico and shipped to the state of Oregon. My tasks included consulting with Structural Engineers from Mexico and the U.S.A as to Code Requirements, developing a certified welding procedure, Administering and preparing the specimens for a welder qualification test, preparing all the proper documentation for National and International requirements as well as documentation needed to satisfy Oregon State Seismic zone 3 Building Requirements and AWSD1.1 Structural Code Steel requirements.

* Base Line Data Inspection Services Inc., Portland TX: Lead QA/NDT Inspector PROJECT X (07/02 – 4/04)
Performing various types of QC/QA inspections as an AWS Certified Welding Inspector, and an ASNT Level 2 MT, PT, VT, RT, and UT2a. Worked as an Inspection activity, coordinator and NDE inspector on several pipeline projects, plant turnarounds, and Deep Water Marine offshore construction projects. My tasks also included Auditing NDT personnel and welding traceability systems, verifying welder qualifications, procedure qualifications and Auto-Cad drafting.

* Bay Ltd.., Corpus Christi TX: NDE QA Lead Auditor SUB SEA PROJECTS (01/02 - 06/02)
Tasks included the documentation and field inspection for the Vessel fabrication, process piping system fabrication and installation of both, for 2 large offshore Marine Decks at the McDermott Harbor Island facility.

* Gulf Coast International Inspection Inc., Ingleside TX: Lead NDE Inspector SUB SEA PROJECTS (06/96 - 12/01)
Tasks included performing various types of inspections and expediting activities on site and at vendor facilities during manufacture, fabrication, installation, and operational testing of large deep-water offshore structural Marine projects. Some of my larger projects included Exxon Diana, Amerada Hess Baldpate, Kerr Magee e-wing banks, and Elf Exploration Viasca Noll Projects.
My 24+ years’ experience are compiled in Industrial Construction and Maintenance, Quality QA/QC Management, and Process Unit Reliability. I specialize in Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Auditing and Data Analysis of Mechanical Integrity (MI) Programs and Quality Management (QM) Systems in the Oil-Gas and Energy field. I am best known for creating, maintaining and implementing custom Quality Systems to facilitate efficient and effective operations for large multinational oil and gas companies. I have provided Inspection oversight and management during the maintenance, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning of Upstream deep-water and shallow-water exportation projects, Midstream Operation offshore/onshore pipelines and transferring station infrastructure and Down-Stream Processing and Refining units. I specialize in setting up Reliability Programs, Mechanical Integrity Management, Quality Assurance Inspections and internal auditing of engineering systems during the fabrication and maintenance of Hydrocarbon Processing units, Cryogenic LNG Gas plants, Subsea and onshore Exploration Projects and Structural Fabrication Systems. I possess advanced computer skills and have extensive knowledge and experience working with many national and international codes and standards. I am efficient at solving complex problems under high pressure; organized and highly effective as a communicator. I have a proven track record proving my abilities to innovatively coordinate and complete large and complex tasks professionally and on schedule.

In addition, my background tasks have included the designing and development of custom software applications to ensure accurate tracking, monitoring, coordinating, and verification of quality and mechanical integrity during process plant maintenance activities, turnaround/shutdowns projects, and Capital Ventures. I am an expert in welding, inspection, coordinating, and management of Large Industrial Construction Project and QA/QC inspection programs. Lastly, I excel at performing various management roles and inspections while expediting activities on site and at vendor facilities during design, manufacture, fabrication, installation, and operational testing for the verification of vendor compliance to purchase orders and specifications.
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