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Level 2 NDT PT, MT, ET, UT, RT

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-NDT Level 2 in PT, MT, ET, UT, and RT.

-IRRSP Certified (Industrial Radiographer Radiation Safety Program)
-NDT Level 2 as per NAS 410

-Lean Six Sigma Green Belt trained with 2 events executed.

-Radiation Safety IRRSP

- Associates of Science Degree in Business Administration

Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Technician (2011-Present)

Certified as a Nondestructive Technician in all listed methods in accordance with the requirments of the COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2, FRCSE INST 4855.2 and NAS 410 series for Level 2 Nondestructive Inspectors. Being most recently certified by the FRCSE Jacksonville NDI in 2020.

Performed and supervised nondestructive testing of metals and composites in aircraft structures, aircraft engine components, and aircraft support equipment across the F/A-18, CH-53, CH-46, V-22, AV-8, AH-I, P-3, C-130 and F-35, T-6, T-8, H-60, F-5 aircraft communities for the past 10 years.

Managed a NDI laboratory While serving in the United States Marine Corps, directing the work priorities for daily maintenance in support of 5 squadrons, having to work outside of normal hours and conduct unscheduled inspection on several occasions.

Managed the NDI program within MALS 36 proficiently during multiple ALMAT and CNAF audits, achieving high scores and exemplary marks for each audit.

Monitored the NDI program within MALS 31 proficiently as a Quality Assurance Representative during multiple ALMAT and CNAF audits, achieving high scores and exemplary marks for each audit.

Consistently training more than 20 technicians over a 4 year period as the Program Manager. Ensuring each technician was well versed in program compliance, publication comprehension, test equipment upkeep, inspection methods, interpreting indications, and documentation.
Performed required reoccurring inspections utilizing the ET/PT/MT/UT/RT methods during employment within the Marine Corps as well as the civil service.

-Logging more than 800 inspection hours of Fluorescent Penetrant.
-Logging more than 600 inspection hours of Magnetic Particle.
-Logging more than 1,500 inspection hours of Eddy Current.
-Logging more than 875 inspection hours of Ultrasonic.
-Logging more than 950 inspection hours of Radiography in both the Computed Radiography and Real Time methods.

Ensured personnel were trained for the safe utilization of ionizing radiation equipment.

Well versed in interpreting and applying the nondestructive inspection criteria given

Mapped damage on aircraft caused by battle or mishaps and filled out the required reports in order to provide engineers with the information needed to analyze potential premature failures.

Performed one time in depth inspections to extend the service life of multiple C- 130 and CH-46 aircraft aboard MCAS Futenma in Okinawa, Japan.

Maintained the inspection workload as well as flight readiness for both C-130 and AV-8 aircraft squadrons during a 6 month combat deployment to Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. More than 700 hours of scheduled and unscheduled inspections were executed during this time, in less than ideal conditions while dealing with the added stressors of critical time constraints and enemy attacks. It was also during this time that a C-130 suffered catastrophic flight control failure, losing complete control of the rudder. As a result of this it was made top priority to inspect the flight controls of all deployed aircraft. Through the inspection of 4 additional aircraft another flight control with significant defects was identified, preventing yet another catastrophic failure.

Served as the only qualified NDI technician during two operations in Mabalakat, Phillippines. Successfully providing support for the deployed V-22 squadrons as they executed their mission.

Aviation Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) (2016-2018)

Functioned in a MAG level (corporate level) QA position for 3 years at MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina. More than 150 program and work center audits were performed across 8 individual squadrons utilizing extensive knowledge as well as professional experience to identify the root cause of quality problems, unsatisfactory conditions, and overall quality trends. At the conclusion of each audit findings were presented to department and command level leadership, communicating each problem in depth, identifying projects to be initiated, and goals to be met.

Performed in depth investigations of illegal maintenance practices, component testing, handling procedures, defective material, and unsatisfactory conditions or trends. Each investigation resulted in the identification of safety hazards, mitigation of monetary loss, and an increase in production while maintaining the standards and policies set forth by the command.

Functioned as the representative for 5 major programs working in liaison with WING and CNAF level auditors. Communicating each programs current status, the command policies and regulations set forth. During this time not only did each of the 5 programs maintain compliance over 3 major audits, 2 of which were marked as exemplary and considered to be maintained at a mastery level.

Responsible for teaching and training more than 200 collateral duty inspectors in regards to the latest policy changes and adjustments as well as noted quality trends and or problems. In addition to the given training new candidates applying for a position as a collateral duty inspector were regularly interviewed and screened

Drafted, revised, and published 2 command level instructions as well as 2 MAG level instructions, establishing new priorities and objectives as well as further defining the policies set forth by senior leadership.

Performed random weekly walk through inspections of the work spaces monitoring maintenance practices, program compliance, hazardous waste handling, and adherence to safety regulations, as well as equipment storage, testing and manufacturing.

Monitored the Nondestructive Inspection Program for a 3 year period, gaining a comprehensive and thorough technical knowledge of the program as well as regularly performing tasks to include the following:

-Annual Program audits.

-Ensure compliance with qualification requirements and safety precautions.

-Ensure industrial radiation safety requirements are strictly enforced.

-Monitor the supervisors efforts in establishing and maintaining a continuous training program, to be verified during Type Wing and ACC or TYCOM audits, within the NDI Branch to provide supervised work experience to new NDI technicians and a mechanism for all NDI technicians to become proficient with newly developed NDI techniques, applications, and SE.

-Establish and maintain liaison with the designated Radiation Safety Officer.

Monitored the Hydraulic Contamination Control Program for 3 years, gainmg a comprehensive and thorough technical knowledge of the program as well as regularly performing tasks to include the following:

-Annual Program audits.

-Documenting, tracking, and interpreting hydraulic contamination trends for more than 50 hydraulic assets.

-Interviewed, tested and monitored more than 100 personnel obtaining a hydraulic contamination control qualification as well as providing follow on annual testing and training.

-Performed in depth investigation of multiple hydraulic components deemed unsafe or inoperable by the customer, finding the cause of each quality deficiency and determining the appropriate corrective actions.

Monitored the Corrosion Prevention and Control Program for 3 years, gaining a comprehensive and thorough technical knowledge of the program as well as regularly performing tasks to include the following:

-Annual Program audits

-Conduct multiple random safety inspections of each work space as well as monitor the work in progress to determine compliance with safety regulations, command policies, and corrosion prevention, control, and treatment requirements.

-Monitor the Emergency Reclamation Team, ensuring each member is fully qualified as well as proficiently skilled in the policies and instructions set forth pertaining to the team.

-Monitor for program compliance as well as the maintenance actions performed by the only authorized aircraft paint facility on base servicing 7 individual squadrons.

-Utilizing the maintenance software NALCOMIS and Microsoft Excel, to generate monthly reports showing corrosion trends pertaining to the entire command.

Functioned as the interim monitor for the Navy Oil Analysis Program for more than I year, gaining a comprehensive technical knowledge of the program as well as regularly performing tasks to include the following:

-Annual Program audits.

-Performing random safety inspections of the oil analysis lab to ensure program compliance and safe maintenance practices.

Managed the Naval Aviation Discrepancy Reporting Program for 3 years, gaining a comprehensive and thorough technical knowledge of the program as well as regularly performing tasks to include the following:

- Annual Program audits.

-Managing each report drafted for the maintenance activity in terms of screening, revising, submitting and tracking Discrepancy Reports, Conventional Ordinance Discrepancy Reports, and Action Requests in order to identify issues as well as facilitate a more comprehensive awareness of trend analysis within the F/A- 1 8, and F-35 communities.

-Maintaining communication with the FRC, FST, ISSC and Quality Teams providing expert liaison between them and the report initiator.

-Keeping current on all DR and AR requirements as mandated by the applicable references for each independent system.

-Providing expert guidance and assistance to more than 15 maintenance activities in determining the type of report needed in given scenarios.

Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI) (2008-2018)

Obtained an Intermediate Level CDI qualification in both hydraulic maintenance and aircraft tire maintenance repairing assets for the F/A-18, CH-53, CH-46, V-22, AV-8, AH-I, P-3, C-130, and F-35 aircraft while serving at the following Maintenance Activities:
- MALS 36, MCAS Futenma, Okinawa, Japan
- MALS 29, MCAS New River, North Carolina
- MALS 40, Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan
- USS Bonhomme Richard
- MALS 31, MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina

Inspected all aircraft materials and maintenance actions performed under supervision for quality. Possessed fundamental responsibility for the prevention of defects.

Prepared, submitted and tracked Discrepancy Reports and Action Requests in order to identify issues as well as facilitate a more comprehensive awareness of trend analysis within the F/A-18, CH-53, CH-46, V-22, AV-8, AH-I P-3, C-130, and F-35 communities.

Managed Aviation Maintenance Programs to include; Hydraulic Contamination and Control as well as Nondestructive Testing.

Mentored and monitor more than 50 collateral duty inspectors under supervision within the organization to foster the constant technical growth of personnel as well as ensure that proper maintenance and handling procedures were adhered to.

Aircraft Intermediate Level Hydraulic Mechanic (2006-2018)

Inspected, maintained and repaired aircraft intermediate level hydraulic components.

Performed full rebuild, repair and test of flight controls and corresponding components in accordance with applicable technical data.

Directed the maintenance and assigned priorities within multiple work areas that consisted of flight controls, hydraulic line fabrication and corrosion control.

Supervised, justified, and scheduled personnel to attend job specific technical schools, to ensure a sufficient number of personnel were maintained.

Trained personnel on the safe use of all support equipment and the daily maintenance practices for the areas under supervision.

Instructed and assisted other team members in interpretation of test procedures, drawings, and engineering orders; develop methods and shop aids to resolve production installation difficulties and problems.
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