Vizaar Vuman E3
Pedro Montes 713-367-6197 Houston, Tx

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State: TX Texas
Country: United States
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Cypress Ridge High School
Cameron April 2012 June 2014
Burntable Operator (Machinist I) Operation of mechanical controls, computerized numerical controls and precision measuring instruments to burn shapes by oxy torch/plasma cutting
Forklift Certified Transport different size plates and structures from shop to shop
Crane Operation Certified Using chains, magnets and straps to transport material within the shop
Welding Certified flux core and mig flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead welding
Thrustmasters June 2014 August 2014
Burntable/Waterjet/Saw Operator
Burntable - Operation of mechanical controls, computerized numerical controls and precision measuring instruments to burn shapes by oxy torch/plasma cutting Crane Operation Certified Using chains, magnets, and straps to transport material within the shop.
Waterjet - High-pressured water and abrasive to cut various materials including plastic, rubber, metal etc. at very precise measurements and at high quality.
Saw Use of different sized blades to cut down pipes, round bars, and angles to meet required measurements.
Rilco September 2014 December 20140
Welder Using flux core and mig welding skills to merge given materials to appropriate wps and layout
requirements, including weld size and machine settings like arc voltage, travel speed and wire speed.
Element Materials Technology. December 2014 - November 2015
Rt Assistant- Shooting X-ray film of welds using gamma and x-ray for possible defects in welding on parts already completed from outside manufacturers. Also got my state card for working with a camera which qualifies me for an actual radiographer position, and have some experience working with penetration testing and magnetic particle testing along with class hours for magnetic particle and my radiation safety course certificate.

Travis Body and Trailer January 2016 April 2016
Welder- welding aluminum on to fully assemble different varieties of trailers

Goodman April 2016 November 2016
Forklift operators- Responsible for bringing any and all required materials necessary to build the units
ordered by the customer.
Certified through the company to operate a forklift.

Diamond Inspection November 2016 May 2017
Rt assistant- shooting pipe, vessels and tanks using both iridium and cobalt sources.

American Piping Inspection May 2017- October 2018
Rt lv 2- operation a rig for manually developing film to code and filling out reports to meet client

Stanley Inspection October 2018 October 2019
Rt Lv 2 Tech- present on 2 different projects while assisting local trucks in my area who had less
experience / certs while still running a truck 6 days a week shooting and developing film for pipe
ranging from 2 in. 42 in.

System One/ALS November 2019 January 2020
Rt Lv II Go out into the plant and find welds ranging between 2- 72 to xray using Iridium 192.
Make sure film is within code book standards as far as density, u.g. factor and proper penny use and
visibility. Shot super imposed, panoramic and standard contact using D7, D5, D3 film depending on
Cypress Ridge High School August 2007 May 2011
High School Diploma
Extracurricular activities included soccer and cross country
Manual oxy torch cut
Read layouts and prints
Familiarized with fitting
Bilingual English and Spanish
Flux fore welding
MIG welding
Skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Familiarized with FLOW waterjet
Burny 10 burntable with oxy fuel and plasma cutter
Forklift trained, Osha forklift license
Overhead crane trained
40 class hours for safety radiation certificate
32 class hours for Mt inspection certificate
State carded for radiography
Twic carded
Electrical wiring for fire alarms experience