Vizaar Vuman E3
AUT Interprener / TOFD & PAUT Operator

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Country: India
CSWIP CSWIP AUT Data Interpretation Level II. (TWI UK) (Aramco approved)
NDT Level II - Ultrasonic Time of Flight Diffraction (ASNT / ANSI CP 189) Sonovation Exp.
NDT Level II Phased Array (ASNT / SNT TC 1A) Lavender International UK Exp.
NDT Level II MFL Tank Floor Inspection (ASNT / SNT TC 1 A) Silver Wing UK Exp.
NDT Level II - Ultrasonic Testing (ASNT / ANSI CP 189)
NDT Level II Radiographic Testing (ASNT / ANSI CP 189)
NDT Level II Penetrant Testing (ASNT / ANSI CP 189)
NDT Level II Magnetic Particle Testing (ASNT / ANSI CP 189)
Year of Passing
Percentage achieved
S.S.C ( Xth Std.)
March, 1999
55 %
Diploma In Mechanical Engineer
Jul, 2001
60 %
Higher Diploma in Software Eng.
Jul, 2001 (Aptech Computer)
66 %
Having Experience of more than 15 years as a Quality Control / NDE Inspector mainly in Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger (Having 10 Year of Experience in Advance Automated UT (ToFD)), Having
Saudi Aramco Approval for AUT & TOFD/PAUT Data interpretation (TOFD/PAUT
Operator approval expired in 2013).