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Country: United States
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- ASNT Level III Inspector in Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic and Eddy Current test
- Top Secret clearance (Active)
- Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Lockheed Martin – Stratford C.T. 2/2019 – Present
NDT/NDI Test Engineer Staff, Rotary and Mission Systems
❑ Identify, develop and train new nondestructive techniques supporting multiple programs and sites.
❑ Introduced Phased Array Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Array inspection technology to facility including
training development and Capex expenditures in excess of 1.3 million in first year
❑ Currently lead engineer for 4 fully automated Ultrasonic Systems totaling over 10 million in development
❑ Qualified system, wrote procedure and trained personnel in Ultrasonic Immersion Spar Inspection
System resulting in 80%-time reduction while providing digital results
❑ Corrected Cuff inspection process dropping reject rate of 85% to 0
Enterprise Engineering – Portland Maine 6/2018 – 2/2019
Primary Level III
❑ Wrote and implemented corporate policy “Written Practice for Nondestructive Examination & Testing
Qualification and Certification for NDE Personnel”
❑ Developed and instructed ultrasonic certification program for engineering teams in Anchorage and
❑ Introduced Six Sigma practices for organizing and shipping equipment to remote jobsites, resulting in
immediate cost savings
SIEMENS USA – Charlotte, N.C. 12/2000-5/2018
Staff Engineer, Corporate Technologies Group (9/2015-Present)
Identify new technologies used in manufacturing. Develop processes, procedures and specifications for
implementation enterprisewide. Create training programs and conduct onsite training for groups of 10-12
engineers and shop floor teams.
Selected by executive team—based on expertise—for special project at plant in China with problem which
prevented commissioning of new generator.
❑ Traveled to Shanghai to inspect generator that failed after installation at customer’s plant during startup.
Failure cost Siemens $40 million in late fees and noncompliance costs. Analysis revealed flaw in welding.
Developed and implemented ultrasonic system for phased array inspection of generator braze joints,
including a quality surveillance program, with comprehensive training. Led training to qualify operators
and engineers in Shanghai, Mulheim (Erfurt, Germany) and Charlotte. Project included installation of 17
phased array inspection systems ($50,000 each) and training of 150 technicians. Result: QS program
was implemented at all Siemens generator manufacturing plants—and led to patent submission.

Erik Lombardo 803-493-5564
Principal Level III, Siemens Energy Group 6/2005-9/2015
Oversaw development and implementation of nondestructive testing and training. Served as liaison between
engineering and NDT team in troubleshooting problems. Provided support to production to ensure workflow
requirements. Audited suppliers to identify if materials’ components met specifications.
Designated by company (listed) as a Siemens steam turbine key expert in North America.
❑ Served as key expert in identification of 9 million defective welds in LP turbine. Identified deficiencies
within turbine. Advised management of QA issues and verified defects. Participated in root-cause
analysis. Supervise rework and re-inspection (6 months) process. Result: Obtained funding ($1 million)
from business units for an automated phased array inspection system. Co-developed process for
automated inspection of rotor welds which included issue of patent (Ultra Phased Array Method).
❑ Sought by supply chain management to help resolve supplier deficiencies. Collaborated with supply chain
team to analyze deficiencies, spanning from Philadelphia to Houston, involving the manufacture of a
critical component. Audited NDT group in Philadelphia to identify problems within the workstream.
Observed onsite welding at multiple sites and the final inspection. Result: Identified gaps within
inspection phase (defective parts were being shipped from Philadelphia—and then rejected in Houston),
the result of welding flaws. Wrote report summarizing findings (i.e., inspection, design and contractual
deficiencies). Recommended changes in design and final inspection, which were later implemented.
❑ Identified and quantified defects in new generator forgings, causing rejection of finished generator after
an onsite audit of supplier. Result: Discovered 5 additional defective forgings, which, if shipped to
Siemens production, would have caused estimated losses of $30 million.
❑ Developed ultrasonic inspection technique to identify “cracking” in generator exciter shafts within
assembled units. Challenge: Inspection area was confined (60” from inspection surface), previously
requiring unit takedown for inspection. Result: Siemens released technical bulletin to all power plants,
mandating implementation of technique at a plant’s next outage. Trained and certified all inspectors.
❑ Selected by Head of Steam Turbine Engineering for this special project following inspections which
revealed deficiencies in Hines rotor/steam chest weld components. Performed investigative analysis of
applied welding procedures, and interviewed welders. Identified deficiencies in welding materials and
processes. Result: Co-authored, with metallurgist, welding procedure. Rework was completed and met
customer’s engineering and quality standards.
❑ Built the NDT area, a 40’ x 70’ cell, including radiation safety requirements, and railcar lighting and
electrical components. Applied “lean” manufacturing strategies to optimize workflow. Oversaw project’s
construction to ensure compliance of all radiation and quality requirements. Result: Completed
$750,000 project on-time, without disrupting production.
Senior Nondestructive Test Inspector – Siemens Energy Group (12/2000-6/2005)
Served as lead inspector. Trained Level II inspectors in operation of automated phased array ultrasonic and
eddy current array inspection systems. Performed inspections of systems and components of powergeneration equipment.

WYLE LABORATORIES – Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Fla. 4/1997-12/2000
Nondestructive Test Inspector
As Level II inspector, certified in magnetic partial, liquid penetrant, eddy current and ultrasonic inspections.
Served as assistant radiographer; received extensive training in radiation safety. Inspected flight hardware
and ground support equipment throughout all areas of Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air
UNITED STATES NAVY – Various locations 6/1991-12/1996
Hull Maintenance Technician Second Class / E-5
Level II technician certified in magnetic partial, liquid penetrant, eddy current and ultrasonic inspections for
both nuclear and non-nuclear standards. Served as assistant radiographer. Inspected and supervised quality
control projects aboard nuclear and non-nuclear ships, aircraft and submarines.
Mistras Group