Vizaar Vuman E3
NDT/API/CWI Inspector

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State: TX Texas
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I am willing to work overseas.
API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector
API 570 Pressure Piping Inspector
API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector



AWS CRI Certified Radiographic Interpreter

ASNT Level III Technician in UT
ASNT Level III Technician in MT.
ASNT Level III Technician in PT
ASNT Level III Technician in RT

ACCP (GI & PE) Level II UT C/F & Welds
ACCP (GI & PE) Level II MT Yoke & Bench
ACCP (GI & PE) Level II PT Water Washable & Solvent Removable

ASNT# 197058 CWI Cert# 12010013 CRI Cert# 1608010N
API Cert# 63781/65028/66656 NACE Cert# 63810
Associates Degree of Applied Science Inspection Technology Lone Star College

API 570 40 Hours Bay Technical
API 653 60 Hours MSTS
API 510 80 Hours CodeWest
Magnetic Particle 20 Hours METCO
Magnetic Particle 48 Hours Lone Star College North Harris
Magnetic Particle Level III 20 Hours Kraft Technology Resources
Penetrant 20 Hours METCO
Penetrant 48 Hours Lone Star College North Harris
Liquid Penetrant Level III 20 Hours Kraft Technology Resources
Radiographic Interpretation 40 Hours American Welding Society
Radiation Safety 40 Hours LAMCO & Associates
Radiography Level III 40 Hours Kraft Technology Resources
Radiography 24 Hours METCO
Radiographic Film Interpretation 16 Hours METCO
Ultrasonic Thickness 12 Hours METCO
Ultrasonic Testing 96 Hours Lone Star College North Harris
Advanced Ultrasonic Examination 96 Hours Lone Star College North Harris
UT Level III 40 Hours Kraft Technology Resources
CWI 36 Hours American Welding Society
Visual Inspection 24 Hours METCO
Basic NDT Level III 32 Hours Kraft Technology Resources
Documenting NDT Exams 4 Hours METCO
Capital Inspectors
Chief Inspector, 03/2020 to 11/2020
Oversees inspection, repair, and coating activities
Advises client and contractors on code compliance and solutions for complications
Ensures repair procedures are adhered to
Provides daily updates on progress and discrepancies
Organizes documentation for job completion book turnover

Contact Ultrasonics & KGR Inspection, Traveling
Level III Technician/CWI, 03/2014 to Current
Carry out structural/safety audits on land & offshore drilling packages for recertification
Advise engineering on necessary repairs and modifications
Monitor and report repairs and retrofits
Perform or designate NDE on critical items
Assess damage & coordinate repairs in a time sensitive manner

Element Materials, Houston Texas
Level III Technician/Quality Coordinator, 10/2012 to 03/2014
Manage & long term projects for fabrication facilities, & new client startups.
Revise & created procedures based upon specification addendums and client requirements
Maintain calibrations and records per ISO & ASTM standards
Test and Certify technicians in accordance with company quality plan & ASNT TC1A requirements
Conduct MT, VT, PT, UT, RT, & CWI Inspections
Perform proficiency testing and quality audits on technicians, provided hands on training when needed.
Provide technical support and specification explanations to technicians & clients.

METCO (Mistras), Houston Texas
Level II Technician, 05/2006 to 10/2012
Managed short & long term projects for shut downs, fabrications facilities, & recertification projects.
Carried out NDE & dimensional inspections in accordance to weld maps, drawings, procedures, & specifications
Coordinated with clients & third party inspectors to ensure that all needs are met & maintained
Conducted MT, VT, PT, UT, RT, CWI, Surveillance, Dimensional, & Welder/Procedure Qualification Inspections
Created weld maps, traceability, data books, NDE reports, and verified schematics
I would be willing to move for the right opportunity.
A traveling position is preferred. Current passport and TWIC card
Full time-contract-temporary positions are all fine.

Email or text message is preferred for initial contact

Thank you.
Mistras Group