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State: TX Texas
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
Currently working but always looking.
I am willing to work overseas.
Completed Classes / Training
*40hour Radiation Safety Course
*Completed about 2000 hours of RT logged during employment,
*All ojt hours for RT PT UTT MT and VT Level II
*I have a Oklahoma card expires may 31 2024
*Texas Trainer 1T Exp May 31 2024
*TWIC card
*RT Level 1 class completed August 8. 2014
RT Level II class completed March 2019
*UT Level 1 class completed
Utt Level II
PT Level II
MT Level II

High school diploma
Test NDT Rt lv 1 class
World spec rt 2 class
World spec UT lv 1 and UT thickness
Pt lv 2 class through mistras training
I have been in the NonDestructive Testing Industry for 10 years.
I have worked as an Assistant/Helper for Level II Technicians and have began working
toward getting certified across the board.
During my work history, I have gained experience from big bore to small bore piping, Pipelines and new construction, to refinery, and drill pipe inspections, and mechanical integrity experience.
Api 570 exam on Nov. 3rd 2021.

My goal as of now is to work toward betti g my career and being happy where I'm at in my industry. I plan on scheduling my 510 and api Tes after my Api 570 exam.
Sensor Networks