Mistras Group
API-570,510,NDE LII, 3rd Party Inspector

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State: WY Wyoming
Country: United States
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Current Kinder Morgan CBTs.
API-570, API-510, with 23 years NDE LII Trainer experience in the Asset Integrity space. Experience keeping
production at its peak while keeping the highest safety and quality standards. Experienced in oversight of
NDE, performing quality and safety audits in addition to supplying insight on the most efficient and cost￾effective manner to go about obtaining requested data. Capable of simultaneously coordinating multiple crews
while also performing API internal and external inspections and generating detailed reports. Strive to project a
safe, professional, and profitable company image to perfect all opportunities to keep and/or create positive
client relations.
● Exceptional customer service skills.
● Successfully interact with clients and crew members to create a positive working environment.
● Possess excellent organizational and time management skills to meet company standards, goals, and
● Conscientious, hardworking and drive to succeed.
● Trustworthy and dependable.
● Adapt and learn new skills quickly and efficiently.
● Ability to coordinate multiple inspection crews in the field on multiple tasks.
● Review job scope and data provided by the company.
● Coordinate inspection activities.
● Track job progress in Smartsheet, give weekly reports to the Owner Representative, report any issues
that needed immediate attention.
● Utilize handheld tablets in the field.
● Conduct API- 570, API-510 internal and external inspections, report findings and make
recommendations as per client specifications, applicable code, standards, and recommended practices.
● Perform CR, RT, MT, PT, UTT, VT, Hardness examinations on piping and vessels at fabrication shops
and field locations including pipelines, chemical plants, refineries and well pads.
● Experience with interpreting P&IDs and isometric drawings.
● Experience with updating isometric drawings to current as inspected equipment and piping
● Experience with assigning CML’s as per CMD’s to specifically target known damage mechanisms to
maximize inspection data by using the most effective NDE method.
● Verify Dimensional Specifications and Collect FFS/SFS Data.
● NDE of tanks, castings, and special parts for clients on field location or customer shop.
● Train NDE personnel to perform CR, RT, MT, PT, UTT, VT and Hardness.
● Evaluate new candidates applying for Technician positions.
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