Sensor Networks
MT & PT L2 Technician

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Country: South Africa
I am willing to Travel.
Currently working but always looking.
I am willing to work overseas.
Magnetic Particle Inspection SNT-TC-1A Level 2
Dye Penetrant Inspection SNT-TC-1A Level 2
All NDT courses were attended at South African Non Destructive Examinations and these include MT L2 and PT L2
Experience within the petrochemical and refinery industries from January 2019 until present.
Clear communication with team members
Good work ethic within a team and encouraging towards others.

Prioritising of task at hand to finish within due time.
Work well under pressure.

Proficient with Excel, Word and PowerPoint programs.

I hold a level of pride in my work that always shines through.
I am a fast learner and always willing to learn and take the extra step in understanding

I am willing to relocate and travel within my search for experience within the NDT field.
Mistras Group