Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment

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State: WA Washington
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I am willing to work overseas.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Level III ASNT Basic Completed, ASNT Level III PT, Pending Testing VT, MT, UTSW Pre-Approved.
Company Level III - UTSW, Company NAS-410 Level III PT, MT.
Level II VT
IRRSP Carded Radiographer
Level II RT Pending Testing (Over 7 years Experience in Gamma)
Hellier NDT - Level 1 and 2 - ET, RT, Film Interpretation, Phased Array, TOMO, TOFD, and Rad Safety, Level III Refresher courses (MT, PT, UT)

National University - Level 1 and 2 - VT, PT, MT, UTT, and UTSW

College of Siskiyous - Advanced Welding, Criminal Justice

West Virginia University - Sociology and Anthropology

Valley Forge Military Academy - High School Diploma, 1st LT headquarters staff.
Mistas Services - Oct 2016 to Dec 2022
Company Level III, Operation Supervisor, Senior Technician

General Dynamics - Nassco - Feb 2015 to May 2016
Level II - VT, PT, MT, UTT, UTSW. Assistant RT Tech (OJT Completed pending testing)
Senior Technician, Quality Assurance

International Inspection - Mar 2014 to Feb 2015
Level II - VT, PT, MT.
Assistant Operations, Quality Assurance

Pacific Ship - Aug 2012 to Mar 2014
Level II - VT, PT. QCI Certified.

Experience from being a Level III inspector, senior technician, operations supervisor/manager, and trainer. I was responsible for Quotes, Job Walks, Quality Assurance, Teaching, Supervisor Role, Lead Tech on Large Projects, and Lead on Minor and Major Shutdowns. Have received multiple awards in my career as a senior inspector, from employee of the month at multiple companies, and an award from the General Dynamics and the Navy. I have worked to multiple different codes ranging from AWS, API, ASME, ASTMís, Military, ABS, Lloyds, FAA, Aerospace, NAS410, and many more. Inspections ranging from basic Visual, Optical Inspection, Operational Testing, Hardness Testing, Dye penetrant testing, Magnetic particle testing, Hydrostatic testing, PMI, Air Testing, Ultrasonic Thickness, and Leak Testing. To the more advanced GUL, UTSW, Phased Array, TOMO, TOLF, Radiography and more.
I have done inspections all over the world and on multiple types of projects. I have worked on Bridges, Buildings, Power Stations, Turbines, Jets, Aircrafts, Parts, Military Parts, Ships (from new build to repair), Hull inspections, Piping inspections, Structural inspections, boiler and pressure vessels. Tanks of all types from CHT to fuel and oil, to potable waters and steam systems. Spent years working on ships and naval vessels and the past six years working on aerospace and product assets protection (Inspections)
Mistras Group