Mistras Group
Metallurgical Engineer ; Integrity & Corrosion Management Specialist ; Coating, Welding & NDT ; QA/QC

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Country: Colombia
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ROSEN-group: In-line Inspection Technologies and Procedures
SNT-TC-1A: level ll VT,PT,MT,UT.
UNDERGRADUATE: Metallurgical Engineering
POSTGRADUATE: Specialization in Integrity and Corrosion Management
OTACC: (July 24; Sept 16)2023. Mechanical QA/QC Assistant. Supporting the Mechanical QA/QC leader and coordinator in various activities, including the preparation of inspection reports for non-destructivetesting, coatings, prefabricated releases, and welding booklets. Record torque values, conduct visual inspections, and liquid penetrant testing on different metal-mechanical products. Interpret radiographic plates and ensure the proper quality certificates for prefabricated and assembly items. This role is based at the Chichimene station and is under ECOPETROL.

APPLUS: (Dec 22-2022 ; March 15-2023) Junior NDT Inspector. Ensure inspections through Non-Destructive Testing for assigned projects in complianc ewith applicable regulations and established procedures.This includes creating isometric drawings, conducting visual inspections, measuring thickness, and performing various non-destructive tests on different process and transport pipelines at GEOPARK's locations in Villanueva,Casanare.

ITT inspección tanques y tuberias: (May 2-2022; Nov 26-2022) NDT Inspector. Non-Destructive Testing Inspector, utilizing various NDT techniques (VT-PT-MT-UT) for the assessment of assets in the hydrocarbon and civil industries. Also responsible for qualifying technical assistants and welders in the Acacias and surrounding areas.
I have a Colombian passport and a US visa B1/B2.
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment