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RBGltd Mach-Ten	 
Head Office:	Teesside Office:	
Pitmedden Road	Dukesway	
Dyce	Teesside Industrial Estate	
Aberdeen	Thornaby	
AB21 0DP	Stockton -on-Tees	
 	TS17 9LT	
Tel:: 01224 773565	 	
Fax: 01224 773568	Tel: 01642 769906	
Email david.dakers@rbgltd	Fax: 01642 760059	
Offices in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Qatar 
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RBGltd Mach-Ten was formed combining a wealth of individual experience to provide a range of specialist products and on-site services. Our aim is to provide fast, efficient and cost effective solutions to our clients problems. Whether the problem is one of design, practicality, access or even financial, we look for the most suitable and agreeable answer. We place an overriding importance on providing a true service to our customers beyond that expected in the market. Our genuine 24 hour emergency response service is available all year round, irrespective of where in the world or what the problem involves.
	Non Destructive Testing 
	Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment 
	In-Situ Machining 
	Hot and Cold Tapping 
	Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning & Torquing 
	Pressure Testing 
	Personnel Resourcing 
	Advanced NDT Inspection 
	Rope Access Engineering 
We recognise that skills and training are of paramount importance. We invest heavily in the selection and development of personnel across the full range of our supply. RBGltd Mach-Ten have provided multi-disciplined competence training across the range of our services to ensure that a most mobile and flexible workforce is available.
 	Our Thornaby Facility offers 3 radiographic compounds, 10 ton craneage, 10 ton transport with the largest compound being capable of taking a articulated lorry trailer. 
Non Destructive Testing
RBGltd Mach-Ten provide Non Destructive Testing services both within the United Kingdom and abroad. Our teams of multi disciplined inspectors are experienced and trained to meet our clients requirements, whether it be for off-shore, on-shore, power generation or petro-chemical. Our inspectors are supported by our technical management team working in conformance with the companies ISO 9001-2000 approved practices.
We offer a full range of testing methods to our clients, whether at their works, on site, or at our laboratories. These services include: Visual Inspection, Ultrasonics, X and Gamma Radiography, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, PMI, IRIS/Eddy Current/MFL Tube Inspection, LRUT, Digital Radiography, hardness Survey and Welding Inspection etc..
Procedures/ techniques formulated in conformance with national or international standards, e.g.., ASME III, V AND VIII, API 1104, EMMUA, AWS D1.1, BS3923, BS5500, ASME B31.3
Advanced NDT Inspection
	Eddy Current 
	Long Range Ultrasonic Testing
	Pressure Testing 
	Computed Radiographic Processing 
	Rope Access Engineering 
	Tank Floor Scanning 
	Close Proximity Radiography (Ir192, Se75 & X-Ray) 
Pressure Testing
	Hydrostatic, Pneumatic and Vacuum Testing
	In-House and On-Site/In-Situ
	Flange Testers
	Pipe Stoppers
	Pigging and Gauging
	Spool and Pipeline Drying
Rope Access Engineering (for all services)
	Approved ECITB Bolt Tightening 
	CSWIP Visual Inspection (2005) 
	CSWIP Welding Inspection (2005) 
RBGltd Mach-Ten provide heat treatment services within the United Kingdom and abroad. Our technicians are experienced and trained to meet our clients requirements.
Whether it be for off-shore, onshore, power generation, petro chemical or manufacturing. Our technicians are supported by technical management working in conformance with the companies ISO 9001-2000 approved practices.
We offer both electrical pre-heat or post weld heat treatment either at our clients works, on site, or at our laboratories.
All pre-heat and post weld procedures are conducted to our clients requirements and procedures will be formulated by our technical management in conformance with national or international standards. All procedures that we produce will be endorsed by our technical management in compliance with our ISO 9001-2000 quality system.
RBGltd Mach-Ten can also offer a comprehensive range of independent services which include quality assurance, vendor inspection and expediting. Our services are offered to cover complete projects.
Whatever your Non Destructive Testing needs
may be, Mach-Ten's inspectors are proficient
in the correct method and application of 
inspections of welded, cast or forged 
Hydraulic Bolt Tightening
Hydraulic bolt tensioning is now accepted as the fastest and most accurate method of loading studbolts in any application. By applying the load linearly, directly into the studs, possible errors attributable to coefficient of friction, leverage etc. are eliminated, additionally, due to the tensioning procedure, the gasket compression is uniform over the complete surface area of the joint thus ensuring no joint damage occurs during the tightening process and a leak free joint is assured.
Due to the high operating pressures of the RBGltd Mach-Ten range of tensioning tools, the dimension and weight of the tools are amongst the smallest currently available, ensuring they are suitable for the tightest of applications (compact flanges, pump skid's etc.) When used in conjunction with RBGltd Mach-Ten personnel, the requirement for rework is almost totally removed, with 100% success on N2 leak tests regularly achieved.
The substantial reduction in rework and retest resulting from our "right first time" approach to the assembling and loading of the bolted flanged connections, represents a huge potential saving to our clients and regularly ensures the scope of work is completed ahead of any planned schedule.
RBGltd Mach-Ten's continuing policy of investing in the latest equipment is well illustrated by our current range of hydraulic torquing equipment. An exceptionally innovative design, coupled with the use of high performance alloys in its manufacture, has produced the most compact, light, operator friendly tool available.
The RBGltd Mach-Ten range of tooling differs substantially in design to more commonly available wrenches, with the ability to remove, fit alternative attachment unit and lock in place taking a matter of seconds to complete. Additionally the range of wrenches is also supplied with a 360 swivel hydraulic manifold, ensuring that the connecting hoses are never a concern when the tool is required to be operated in confined area.
 	The high strength alloys used in the
manufacture of the wrenches enable the
unit to deliver exceptional power in relation
to the dimensions and weight of the unit,
therefore ensuring its suitability.
In-Situ Machining
Pipe Cutting and Prepping
Cold cutting of pipework and applying a weld preparation is probably the most common form of In-Situ machining. RBGltd Mach-Ten can provide a complete package combining experienced manpower with quality in-situ machining equipment to undertake a large variety of machining operations. Should an application arise that cannot be undertaken by standard a tooling we can design and supply specialist equipment.
The split frame cutting machines are both lightweight and low profile requiring minimum operating clearances. With a unique enclosed bearing system we are able to keep a low profile machine that is capable of cutting and preparing all pipe schedules as well as different alloys.
	Pipe Cutting 
	Flange Facing 
	Match/Counter Boring 
	Pipe Prepping/Bevelling 
	Weld Excavations 
	Weld Crown Turning 
	Hot & Cold Tapping 
	Drilling and Tapping 
Heavy duty drill/boring machines capable of boring up to 12" diameter. All drill/borers have tapping attachments up to 4". Machines can be air or hydraulic driven and use standard HSS twist drills for smaller holes then move up to specialist drills and trepanning cutters for larger diameters.
Line Boring
Line boring kits for precision in-situ machining are available as standard attachments for all machines. Kits start at 40mm and are in are in 20mm increments. Stud Removal
Utilising one machine for the drilling and tapping of seized studs has proven to be the fastest and most cost effective method of stud removal. Studs up to 5" in diameter can be drilled and tapped in one operation using our stud drilling tapping attachment.
Pneumatic and Vacuum Testing 
In-House and On-Site/In-Situ Flange 
Testers Pipe Stoppers Pigging and 
Gauging Spool and Pipeline Drying
HS.E & Q
ISO 9001 -2000 approval was achieved as another step in the continual development of our quality systems.
Full traceability and cross-referencing.
Frequent auditing of our Quality System allow us to implement changes rapidly and to ensure that the company is always performing at the highest level of Quality.
RBGltd Mach-Ten has implemented a strict Health and Safety Management System to ensure so far as reasonably practical the Health and Safety of it's employee's of those other's affected by their activities.
This system is kept under constant review, with careful consideration paid to the site technician's views and comments.
Training/Induction is provided to all personnel relevant to Health and Safety in the workplace.
When working as sub-contractors RBGltd Mach-Ten adopts the contractors safety policy. RBGltd Mach-Ten recognises the importance of Environmental Protection and will comply with all environmental regulations, legislation and approved code of practice relating the processes and activities of the Company. It is RBGltd Mach-Ten's objective to co-operate with, and maintain good relations with all regulatory authorities and bodies.
We will foster environmental awareness and understanding to all employees, suppliers, customers and the public.
	Environmental Management 
	Emissions to the Atmosphere 
	Aqueous Effluent 
	Waste Management 
	Storage & Handling of material & Substances 
	Energy Management 
	Material Use, Product Design & Packaging 
 	Our Gold Award demonstrate our continued recognition for the Safety and good health of all of our employees as well as all of our current and propective customers.
RBGltd Mach-Ten	  
Head Office:	Teesside Office:	
Pitmedden Road	Dukesway	
Dyce	Teesside Industrial Estate	
Aberdeen	Thornaby	
AB21 0DP	Stockton -on-Tees	
 	TS17 9LT	
Tel:: 01224 773565	 	
Fax: 01224 773568	Tel: 01642 769906	
Email: david.dakers@rbgltd.com	Fax: 01642 760059	
Offices in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan Qatar 
  and Saudi Arabia.	View Enquiry Form

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