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Level I & II Training

Infrared Thermography Service, Training & Consultancy:
By Global Training in Association with Southern Inspection Services
For the attention of Managers / Plant Heads.

Infrared Thermography Provided by us
Tank Sludge Level Measurement
Insulation Leak in Ammonia Tanks
Insulation failure cryogenic pipes and Tanks
Transmission Loss identification in Electrical Transmission lines
Electrical Panel Inspection
Roof Moisture Surveys, Low Slope Roof Evaluation Electrical System Surveys
Building Envelope Performance Surveys (Heat Loss Detection)
Wall Moisture Surveys
Infrared Testing on High Voltage Equipment Mechanical & Equipment Surveys
Steam / Utilities / Piping Surveys
Infrared Inspections of Refractory
Residential, Commercial and industrial energy audits
Trending and monitoring of problematic equipments & Detailed Information.
Regarding Source and repair of problems
Highly quality non-thermal and thermal imagine
High thermal sensitivity and precise temperature measurements.
Quick response times for emergency work
Fifteen years of personal full-time experience.
On-site training for clients with their own equipment and our equipments.
Instant quotes to/from anywhere via voice, fax, email or SMS.
Oil, gas petroleum industry services.
Training Level I & II
Infrared Thermography Application
Pipeline inspection, leak detection, stress corrosion cracking areas
Environmental inspections, pollution dumping, thermal dumping of waste water
Fire Mapping, hold over fires, fire line and mop-up inspections High Voltage Electrical inspections for Transmission lines Electrical inspections in buildings, plants, facilities, and refineries.
Thermal heat loss inspections for buildings, plants, facilities, refineries.
Moisture contamination evaluations in buildings, condo's, plants facilities
Concrete integrity inspections
Concrete Water Heated floor inspections for leaks and temperature distribution
Flat roof leak detection for buildings, plants, facilities
Power generation generator inspections.
Power Plant boiler flue gas leak detection
Substation Electrical inspections, transformers and capacitor evaluation
Over head urban and rural distribution electrical inspections
Electrical motor inspections, mechanical bearing inspections
Heat ventilation air conditioning equipment evaluation
Cold Storage cooling losses.
Refinery process line insulation loss or leak detection.
Refinery process evaluation
Furnace refractory (insulation) inspections
Research and development applications
Design proto typing evaluation. Motor racing and tire contact diagnostics
Brake and engine systems evaluation for performance and cooling efficiencies
Printed circuit board evaluation and trouble shooting.
Equine (horse) injury examination, stress fractures, lameness
Infrared Thermography Benefits
Reduce downtime and emergency repairs.
Reduce man-hours spent on preventive maintenance by pinpointing areas that need repair.
Locate potential problems and "shake down" the electrical systems prior to plant start up.
Minimize scheduled maintenance times by allowing for spare parts to be on-hand prior to shutdown
Identifies roof leak areas before they become major roof replacement projects.
Evaluate and verify repair work.
Extend equipment life. Increase reliability of plant power distribution system.
Promotes a more efficient preventative maintenance program.
Prevents accidents, personal injury and property damage.
Prevent risk of fire due to electrical failure.
Reduce casualty loss of equipment.