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No one services the turbine markets better than we do. From anti-seize compounds to torque wrenches, from high temperature gasketing products to testing and thread repair products, we are the only one-source supplier of Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul (MRO) consumables in your region. Lets take a look at whatís in store with us:

Anti-seize Compounds
Molykoteģ 1000, the industry standard anti-seize when you require uniform torque-tension even after repeated assemblies, to the ultra-pure all OEs recommended Molykote P 37, itís all available with us. Press-fit of turbine blades or just to prevent fretting, assembly pastes from Molykote make sure you spend less money in wear related repairs.

Sealing Compounds
When you want 100% sealed, you trust Hylomar M, the original German Formulation approved by all OEs. Unlimited shelf life as well as assembly time, this oil resistant high temperature gasketing compound ensure your pedestal bearing parting planes are sealed until your major overhauls. Available in 80 ml imported tubes from Marston Domsel, Germany.

Gasketing at > 520 deg C
Metal-to-metal joints as in turbine parting planes, are best sealed with the well known Stag B Jointing Paste from Kommerling, UK. Available in original 500 grams lacquer lined tins, this product has a temperature resistance of over 650 deg C. Imported by Project Sales Corp and sold to over 40 power plants and overhaul companies.

Torque Products
Our torque range gives you more ways to turn fasteners than anyone else, and most importantly we give you all the option to tighten them correctly. Designed to build jet engines, but equally well suited for the ones on ground, Snap-On mechanical and digital torque wrenches ensure you get the right torque at your critical assemblies. What more, they are designed to withstand shock without failure and last you a life time.

NDT Products
We are a one-stop shopping for all your NDT needs. Be it visible or fluorescent dye penetrants, from large automated systems to small power packs, Magnaflux NDT products available from us for detection of surface discontinuities and cracks ensure the smallest and finest cracks get noticed. What more, the products are available with a technical back up from ITW India as reliability is critical to the inspection process.

Reliable Thread Repairs
We have the quickest and simplest method to repair stripped or damaged threads. That not only returns the thread to the original size, but is also stronger than the original female thread. Recoil Thread Repair Kits and inserts, available in all sizes and materials (304, 316, Inconel, etc) ensure you get a stronger assembly than conventional drilling and tapping.

Maintenance and Repair Epoxies
Precision maintenance and metal repair epoxies, allow fast, economical repairs to plant equipment, reducing downtime and returning it to service within hours. Devcon, the most trusted brand has a full service line of metal and maintenance repair epoxies for emergency repairs. What more, they are available from us with technical back-up for the right application, a very critical factor for their successful performance.

Quick Maintenance Sprays
Donít break your head over a nut. Whether itís a disassembly of heavily rusted stud, or ensuring moving parts move even at the highest of loads and temperatures, Project Sales Corp has one of the most exhaustive range of maintenance aerosols from world renowned companies like CRC, LPS, Dow Corning, Permatex, WD-40 to ensure your downtime is minimized and shutdown jobs are completed on-time.

Trust and Reliability
If you have a problem, we have a solution. This unique offering from Project Sales Corp has allowed us to service over 40 power plants and turbine overhaul service providers everytime they have a need. From captive power, to large thermal plants and O&M contractors, we provide the dependable and reliable service built on over 6 years of trust.

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