Qualsonics, LLC
Contact: Richard Hone
5802 Riverside Dr RR #1
Melbourne ON Ontario
Canada N0L 1T0
Phone: 519-289-1502
Tags: Ultrasonic Testing
Qualsonics specializes in solving process control and materials analysis using air coupled ultrasound. We can help find the best technology to suit your application and always provide alternatives.

Our equipment is operating in dozens of industries around the globe.

Qualsonics has been designing, selling and supporting our patented ultrasonics technology for 10 years. We provide solutions for materials analysis and process control.

One of our core products is the ultrasonics analysis system called the SIA-7. The SIA-7 is a powerful and flexible ultrasonics unit. With minimal setup the SIA-7 handles a wide range of applications that other ultrasonics tools just can't solve.

Applications include Heat Seal Inspection, Solid Fat Content, Fill Level in aluminium cans, Delamination in carbon composites, Crack Detection, and Flow Metering.

Qualsoincs SIA-7 Material Analyzer System makes air coupled ultrasonics a reality for process control. Conventional contact and immersion transducers become far more effective when connected to the SIA-7.

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