EnerisQ International, LLC
Contact: Jerry V. Dollar, MBA, PhD
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Aurora CO Colorado
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EnerisQ International offers OTIS tank inspection services and GWUT pipeline inspection services on a global basis. These non-disruptive services allow for tank cleaning and/or inspection without the need to shut down and empty the tank and pipeline inspection without the need to stop product flow.
OTIS (Oil Tank Inspection System) is a robot that follows a digital inspection grid and collects up to 200,000 ultrasonic scans for computerized analysis. This model is used with light and middle distillates, containing 6 inches or less of sludge, with cleaning available as an option.
GWUT (Pipeline Inspection System) is intended for use within the oil and gas refining, petrochemical, storage, offshore, and pipeline transportation industries. This innovative technology is used to inspect difficult to access piping systems such as: insulated pipe in refineries, cased road crossings, loading lines, above ground or buried flow lines, offshore pipeline risers, cased railway crossings, tank dyke crossings, and river or bridge pipeline crossings.

EnerisQ utilizes partners that are highly experienced in providing conventional nondestructive testing services, advanced nondestructive testing services and specialty inspection services. Our clients benefit from the complimentary services and technical experiences to improve productivity and maximize the effectiveness of their inspection budgets.