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Innospection Limited
Contact: Andreas Boenisch
Unit 1, Howemoss Avenue Kirkhill Industrial Estate, Dyce
Aberdeen United Kingdom AB21 0GP
Phone: 0044-1224-724 744
Fax: 0044-1224-774 087
Innospection is a specialist in electromagnetic inspection technologies such as Eddy Current and Saturation Low Frequency Eddy Current (SLOFEC™) and has delivered advanced non-destructive testing solutions to the worldwide process industries including the Oil & Gas (on- & offshore) industry, refineries, petrochemical and power plants for over ten years.

Innospection offers a range of advanced services for the inspection of:

- Heat exchanger and boiler tubes
- General surface crack detection
- Pipes and pipelines
- Storage tanks
- Pressure vessels
- Risers and caissons
- Flexible risers
- Subsea structures
- Platform structural legs
- Ship hulls
Since the launch of Innospection’s marinised riser and caisson inspection tools in 2007 for use mainly in the splash zone, our strength in application development and responses to market requests has resulted in the development of ROV deployable subsea inspection tools suitable for the deeper operations.

Our new range of subsea inspection tools combine advanced inspection techniques like SLOFEC and Ultrasonic within the same tool, with the possibility of incorporating Pulsed Eddy Current for inspection through heavy coatings. The tools support the lifetime assessment of flexible risers as well as subsea structures ranging in size and complexity from risers through caisson and pipes, to platform legs and flat surfaces like ship hulls.

MEC-FIT is a Flexible Riser Inspection Tool which allows the rapid external scanning of the various armour layers to detect cracks, corrosion and general wall loss in the flexible risers.

MEC-Combi Crawler allows the inspection of subsea structures where access from the topside is not possible. With minor adaption, this tool can also be used for the inspection of flat surfaces like ship hulls.
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