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Criterion NDT
Contact: Joe Jessop
3702 West Valley Highway North Ste. 202
Auburn WA Washington
United States 98001
Phone: 253-929-8800
Keywords: Case Depth, Thread Testing, Quality, Heat Treatment, Process Verification, Crack Test, Bearing Test, Automotive, Component
Criterion NDT serves the quality inspection needs of metal component manufacturers around the globe with our purpose built CR-11 and ST-11 instrumentation coupled with standard or custom application specific sensors. Criterion NDT products provide the necessary quality testing after cutting, forming and heat treatment processing to verify the material structure (case depth, pattern and hardness) of metal components in addition to thread quality testing, crack and flaw detection as well as feature and alloy verification for every manufactured part.
We offer a variety of solutions using the simple yet powerful single channel single frequency CR-11 instrument for crack testing and our easy to use eight frequency ST-11 structure test instrument for more searching material structure verification tests.
USA based Criterion NDT specializes in providing application specific engineered eddy current solutions. Criterion NDT systems help manufacturers reduce scrap, warranty and liability costs by testing each and every product where our eddy current systems are installed. This saves time and money due to product spill quarantine situations that result from audit testing or human error and decision subjectivity. Non-destructive testing with eddy current also saves labor time and consumable expenses by reducing the need and/or frequency of cutting product to verify material structure after heat treatment processing. Our inspection systems easily integrate into production lines, enabling instant verification of product quality.
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