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Technic- Control
Contact: Mr. Bogdan Piekarczyk
ul. 1 Maja 33 
Szczecin Poland 71-627
Phone: +48 91 455 36 12
Fax: +48 91 423 13 45
Dear Sirs / Madams,

Since 1989 the employees of Technic-Control Sp. z o.o. (Co. Ltd.) have been helping you with their knowledge and experience in reaching the required quality level of your products. We specialise in non-destructive testing of steel structures, machine parts and metallurgical products. As we have got modern equipment and highly qualified personnel, we can guarantee that the execution of non-destructive testing with the following methods:
RT [radiographic];
UT [ultrasonic];
MT [magnetic];
PT [penetration]
VT [visual]
will be at the highest world-class level.
Now we can also offer you a digital CR radiography on imaging plates IP and digitalisation of classical radiographs, including electronic data storage and reporting as well as pipe wall thickness measurement without removal of insulation by means of profile and tangential digital radiography.
Apart from classical UT method we also offer most the modern Phased Array UT method with use of Olympus OmniScan equipment.

Our level has been confirmed by: approval of the testing laboratory according to EN-17025 issued by the Polskie Centrum Akredytacji [National Accreditation Centre], Certificate No. AB 080, the date of first certification: 15th of October 1996; Lloyds Register Certificate EMEA [Certificate No. RSS/MNDE/0001 – the first certificate in the world’s systems of approving NDT laboratories]; Certificate of Qualification for execution of testing on bridge structures issued by the Qualification Commission of the Ministry of Transport [Certificate No. 26/07] as well as numerous approvals: Germanischer Lloyd [GL]; American Bureau of Shipping [ABS]; Bureau Veritas [BV]; Det Norske Veritas [DNV], Det Norske Veritas - Offshore [DNV – Offshore], Centralne Laboratorium Dozoru Technicznego [Central Laboratory of Technical Supervision] and Polski Rejestr Statków [Polish Register of Shipping].

Our chief assets – apart from numerous certificates and approvals – include ISO 9001:2000 quality management system [first certification: 8th of December 1995] focused on the Customer’s satisfaction as well as personnel certified according to the EN 473 standard, Levels 1, 2 and 3 within all sectors of industry and fabrication, and within the sector covered by the Pressure Vessel Directive No. 97/23/EC.
Testing with the mentioned methods is executed on structures under construction and in operation as well as on all structural materials, also including steels of DUPLEX type.

Apart from non-destructive testing, we can also offer you: training and examination of welders [renewal of qualifications]; qualitative taking-over of steel structures, advising and supervision of non-destructive testing provided by our specialists holding qualifications at the Level 3 according to EN 473. We also offer: non-destructive testing [strength tests] and chemical analyses [determination of basic elements in steels].

Let me kindly invite you to use our services and for co-operation. We never disappoint our Customers. The “Quality that is not afraid of any control!” motto is always in our minds while taking care of your business at our work.