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SIUI - Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments
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77 Jinsha Road, Shantou, Guangdong 515041, China 
Shantou China
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SIUI is an ISO certified company and has been dedicated to R&D, manufacture and sales of ultrasonic products for more than 40 years.
SIUI has established advanced manufacture technique and widespread sales network, with its products serving in machinery, metallurgy, railway, shipbuilding, aircraft and building. Compliant with EN12668 and EN15317 standards, SIUI is able to provide a wide range of ultrasonic products.

We can also accept OEM order for probe (conventional UT testing and phased-array) customization subject to specifications and purchase.

Here is a quick review of our latest released models:

•high-end Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with 32:128PR PAUT and 2-ch TOFD: SyncScan 2

• Upgradeable from Conventional UT to PAUT/TOFD/TG Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: SyncScan

• Modular Phased-array & TOFD Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: SUPOR

• Advanced Conventional UT & Thickness Measurement Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: Smartor

• Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: CTS-9009PLUS /9009/9006/9005/4020E/2020E

• Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge: CTS-30A/30B/30C

• Rail Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: RailTek, RailRover

• Multi-channel Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: CTS-5XX1

• Phased Array /TOFD/Conventional UT Probes

• Cables, Crawlers, Calibration Blocks and Accessories

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