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IntelliXone Inspection Services
Contact: Mr. Syed Muhammad Ali
Karachi karachi
Pakistan 74600
Phone: 03213636139
Web: http://
We are taking this opportunity to introduce IntelliXone
Inspection Services which has been established to provide
high quality engineering services. We specialize in Non-
Destructive Testing Of Pressure Vessels, Pipelines, Storage
Tanks, Plant Inspection etc .
We feel that our services as per ASME & API standards, that
can provide utmost value to your organization particularly
Quality control
Visual Inspection
Vacuum Testing
Holiday Testing
Dye Penetrant Test
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
Ultrasonic Thickness Monitoring
Storage Tank Inspection.
And various other tests
IntelliXone Inspection Services is a professionally managed
organization dedicated to application engineering

The high-tech equipments used ensures authentic results and
our dedicated team delivers time-oriented accomplishments.
Sophisticated state-of-the-art technologies and manpower
facilities are what make IntelliXone Inspection Services, a
reliable NDT Testing source. The wide area of its
application in the industry is its key characteristics.
Customer-satisfaction being its core goal, efficiency in all
its wings is a norm here.

The adequate support, infrastructure, manpower,
technologies, services is all there with IntelliXone
Inspection Services. All that is needed is moving your
fingertips and getting in touch with us to enable us to
help you recognize and maximize your end goal- i.e.

Presently our clientele consists of major local and
multinational oil & gas companies. The staff at IntelliXone
Inspection Services is highly competent and caters to all
its clients requirements with complete professionalism.

We would appreciate if you kindly incorporate us in your
vendors list which will enable us to participate in any of
your ongoing and future projects
Thanking You,
For IntelliXone Inspection Services.

Syed Muhammad Ali
Manager Technical
Sensor Networks