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Columbus OH Ohio
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Tags: NDT Services, Construction/Infrastructure, Acoustic Emissions Testing, Electromagnetic Testing, Infrared Testing, Leak Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Radiographic Testing, Ultrasonic Testing
CTL Engineering is a full service consulting engineering, testing, inspection, and analytical laboratory services company. Established in 1927. During its early years, the company focused mainly on soils, foundation engineering, and construction testing and inspection services. The successes, experience, equipment, and expertise gained in these areas led to a natural expansion into the metallurgical, non-destructive testing, mechanical, mining, roofing, and environmental service industries.
We now have over 200 employees including registered professional engineers, geologists, environmental engineers/scientists, metallurgists, chemists, and engineering technicians certified in various disciplines. CTL Engineering is an employee owned company that has the necessary personnel, experience, equipment, and qualifications to provide services in the following disciplines: Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Services, Observation and Testing of Construction Materials and Processes, Mechanical and Metallurgical Analysis, Non-Destructive Evaluations, Chemical Analysis, Roofing Design and Inspection, Pavement Design, Structural Steel and Product Testing.
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