Steel Test
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28 Senator Rood Road Duncanville
Vereeniging Gauteng
South Africa 1930
Phone: 016 422 4930
Fax: 016 422 4933
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Steel Test was formed in 1989 and is involved exclusively in hi tech non destructive testing. Presently there is a staff compliment of 74 personnel. The company is based in South Africa, but operates throughout Africa, The Middle East and South-East Asia.

Service Company to the Petrochemical,Power,Pulp and Paper,Sugar, Engineering and Pipe-Line Industry.Services include Tube inspection IRIS, ECT, RFT, MFL, Mag Bias.LRUT Pipe inspections. PMI. Laser Scaning. Magnetic Crawler for thickness gaging on Tanks and Vessels.Tank floor inspections.Long and Short Term Contracts Globally.