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Advanced OEM Solutions (AOS) is the premier provider of customizable Phased Array, Full Matrix Capture (FMC), and Multi-Channel Conventional UT hardware.
Enabling clients and partners to create custom solutions and products for NDT, we provide an "outside of the box" solution to your inspection needs.

Break into new markets, refresh current product lines, save time and money on expensive and risky R&D and expand your business.

What’s unique?

-Open Platform Concept
-Perfect for automated inspection systems
-Excellent Price Point
-Easy to integrate
-Example Source Code Provided
AOS also produces next generation ultrasound phased array technology such as Full-Matrix Capture (FMC), Total Focusing Method (TFM) for high resolution imaging and ultra high speed data transfer rates over 160 MB/s.
Service companies, integrators and researchers can all benefit!