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Aerospace Structural Research Corporation
95 Eastern Steel Road 
Milford CT Connecticut
United States 06460
Phone: +1 203 876 8165, Fax: +1 203 876 8208
Tags: analytical consulting engineering services
Aerospace Structural Research Corp., ASR, Mechanical Engineering Design Analysis Drafting Services. Home Page Mechanical engineering services include: design, CAD, CFD, solid modeling, layout, drafting, stress analysis, FEA, vibrations, thermal analysis. Full Service Mechanical Consulting · Design · Analysis 252 Depot Road Milford, CT 06460 203.876.8165 Design Drafting Stress Analysis Dynamic Analysis Thermal Analysis CFD Analysis Company Information Industries Served Helpful Links Email Tradeshows Success Stories Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Employment Opportunities Thomas Register ASR Corporation is a mechanical engineering services firm specializing in meeting the engineering outsourcing needs of businesses across a wide range of industries including: Aerospace, Automotive, Turbomachinery, Power Generation, Consumer products, Electronic Packaging, Automated Machinery, and Electro-Optical Products. Dynamic Analysis Model Analysis Forced Response Random Vibration Shock Rotordynamics Mechanical Design Conceptual Design Product Design Solid Modeling Assembly Modeling Detailing Drafting Thermal Analysis Steady State Transient Radiation Convective Cooling Thermal Stress & Deflection Stress Analysis Static Stress Displacements Nonlinear Analysis Multi-part Analysis Failure Analysis Component Life Prediction CFD Analysis Steady State Internal/External Flow Transient Turbulent Flow Incompressible / Compressible Heat Transfer Balancing Engineering Resource with Demand Mike Costen ASR Principal Engineer Analysis Group Read the article... AWARDS ASR Corporation received the "Alliance Partner of the Year" award on May 15, 2007. Lynne Costen representing ASR Corp accepted the award in Washington DC. US Senator Joseph Lieberman also extended his congratulations to Mike Costen and ASR Corporation read more news ... Home | Services | About ASR | Doing Business with ASR | ASR News | Email ASR ASR Corporation, Milford, CT 06460 | PH 203.876.8165 | FX 203.876.8208 | Copyright ? 2
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