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Vacuum Chambers, Cryostats, Cryogenics - Abbess Instruments ABBESS INSTRUMENTS Home Vacuum and Thermal Instruments and Systems If you have any questions, need pricing, or custom configurations, please call Phone: (508) 881-8811, FAX: (508) 881-4884 Toll Free: (800) 958-8886 E-mail Abbess ABBESS INSTRUMENTS - MAIN PRODUCT SELECTION Vacuum Chambers & Pumps Cryogenics Cryostats Controllers Hall Effect and Resistivity & Faraday Susceptometer Electromagnets, Magnets & Power Supplies About Abbess Abbess Instruments is an innovative company which designs and manufacturers custom instrument components and systems for research and development. We can provide fully integrated, turnkey systems and/or individual components. Systems and Devices Cryostats Hall effect measurement systems Wide Temperature Range Cryogenic Workstations Cryogenic thermal cycling Cryogenic gas and liquid control systems Cryogenic gas and liquid delivery systems Vacuum Chambers for testing, degassing and potting Computer controlled manufacturing systems Computer controlled experiment systems Magnetically levitated instruments and devices Rotation and linear frictionless bearings Algorithms for various mathematical functions Transducers for weight, pressure, temperature, force, viscosity Magnet field measurement systems Founded in 1982, Abbess provides instruments and systems for science and industry. It has provided custom instruments and systems applications for national labs, corporate research labs, and supported research projects to more than 100 universities. Among the products available from Abbess are cryostats and cryogenic systems, Hall Effect and Resistivity measurement systems, wide temperature range cryogenic workstations, gas and liquid control and delivery systems and Vacuum Chambers, supplied domestically and around the globe. Abbess also provides vacuum chambers that integrate heat and cryogenic features for deep temperature cycling. Abbess products are used in a wide variety of applications including deep space simulator chambers, de
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