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ABTech: rotary, linear and multi-axis air bearing systems Testing Positions to 4 Millionths of An Inch Air-bearing stages and high-resolution scales drive extreme accuracy and repeatability. Al Presher, Contributing Editor Design News, January 8, 2007 Welcome To ABTech ABTech Inc, is a supplier of precision fluid film bearings and mechanical bearing motion systems. ABTech Inc offers a variety of rotary , linear and multi-axis air bearing, oil hydrostatic and precision mechanical bearing products and accessories . With a successful track record for high quality custom design and manufacturing of air bearing, oil hydrostatic, and mechanical bearing systems for the most challenging motion and geometry applications, ABTech welcomes the opportunity to meet your ultra-precision challenges. Air bearing motion systems are often the baseline to which other components are compared to or manufactured from. Our mission is to apply our extensive skill, experience and technical capabilities to any application requiring precision motion. We believe that our collective experience, commitment, ethics, pride in precision, and accountability, in combination with exceptional support to our customers is a recipe for success for all involved. This web site is intended to show you our capabilities. If you do not see exactly what you need then call and give ABTech the opportunity to provide you with a solution to your most demanding precision motion applications! Rotary Motion | Linear Motion | Multi-Axis Systems | Gage Products Accessory Products | Special Systems | Contact Us | What's New | Home © 2007 ABTech, Inc. All rights reserved. ABTech, Inc. PO Box 10296 • 126 Monadnock Highway • Swanzey, NH USA 03446 sales@abtechmfg.com • Tel: 603-358-6431 • Fax: 603-358-0196 Manual Air Bearing Spin Tables Motorized Air Bearing Tables High-Speed Air Bearing Spindles Manual Ball Bearing Spin Tables Motorized Ball Bearing Tables Oil Hydrostatic Tables Manual Air Bearing Slides Motorized Air Bearing Slides Motorized Mecha