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Acrotech, Inc.
PO Box 466 
Lake City MN Minnesota
United States 55041
Phone: +1 800 382 6419, Fax: +1 763 450 3919
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Acrotech, Inc. manufactures standard and custom K-Prene urethane products PRODUCT INDEX Urethane Custom Molding Urethane Industrial Products Urethane Tooling One Pass Roll Bending Machines Urethane Parts For Wood Industry Machinery Urethane Parts for High Performance Less than Perfect Site Map Home | Technical Data | Services | What's New | Catalogs | Request Quote | Terms & Conditions | Contact Us Our manufacturing process involves casting and compression molding of K-Prene urethane. This means Acrotech Inc. can produce parts cost effectivily, compared to machining or injection molding for volumes ranging from single digits to several thousands! Acrotech Inc,'s stocked products include several industry specific parts (see below) in addition to sheet, round rod, bars, Versa Roll and several styles of bumpers. These items are stocked in 6 different durometers/hardnesses and in several sizes! We also offer Custom Molding of K•Prene urethane; including mold construction, the production of metal inserts and secondary machining. We have designed our site so you can easily contact us, or download specific K-Prene urethane information, including product descriptions, sizes and prices. You can even order online! Urethane Custom Molding Urethane Industrial Products • Cast and compression molded urethane • Several formulas (including FDA) and durometers • Metal insert manufacturing • Strip, recover and grinding of small & large rollers • Prototype through production runs • Sheet, round rod, square bar, tubes/springs • Bumpers • Stocked in several sizes including metric and up to 6 different durometers • Slick Strip a friction reducing tape • Versa Roll - Dual durometer rollers Urethane Tooling One Pass Roll Bending Machines • AcroHyde die film • Female dies and inserts for Amada, Allsteel, Cinnicinati, DiAcro, LVD, Pacific, etc • Punch strippers. Styles for Weideman, DiAcro, Piranha, Trumph, etc • Spring and tubes in standard and metric sizes •