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ACS Industries Knitted Wire Mesh Products Automotive & Industrial Wire Mesh Products Automotive Wire Mesh Components Air Bag Filters The world’s preeminent airbag filter, coolant and propellant retainer manufacturer, our elements distribute, cool and filter particulate during inflation as well as hold the propellant in place. Wire Mesh Filters | Wound Filters | Rolled Filters After-Treatment Exhaust System Mounting Components From knitted wire mesh supports to compressed mesh erosion protecting edge seals and gas tight seals, we offer a full line of catalytic converter, particulate filter and other after-treatment substrate mounting components for on-road, off-road and non-road applications. Wire Mesh Rings | Wire Mesh Support | GS Composite Static & Flex Joint Seals Used in static (linear) and flexible exhaust system connections to prevent system failures from heat, vibrations and other operational stresses, these compressed wire mesh elements allow for movement while maintaining gas-tight connections. Graphoil Seals | VGF Seals | Vermiculite Seals Automotive & Industrial Wire Mesh Products Engineered Knitted Wire Mesh Solutions The world leader in engineered knitted wire mesh solutions, our industry leading Research & Development Department has the experience and know-how to apply knitted wire mesh to any application. High Performance Muffler Packing Primarily used in automotive aftermarket and off-road applications, ACS’ line of high-performance muffler packing includes steel wool, wire mesh and Scrubble packing materials. Wire Mesh Breathers & Filters Made from virtually any alloy, these compressed knitted wire mesh elements can be tailored to meet any application. More Automotive & Industrial Wire Mesh Products! Noise Suppression Flame Arrestors Heat Shield Isolators & Vibration Dampeners High-Performance Muffler Packing Heat Transfer & Exchange Components Catalyst Substrates Bushings and Bearings Diamond Wire Drawing Dies Specialty Wire Division Industrial Wire Mesh Components Removable & Reusab
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