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Advanced Circuits PCB Manufacturer Specializing in Quick Turn Printed Circuit Boards. Advanced Circuits - Join over 12,000 Engineering Customers and 1,100 Contract Assemblers Home About Us Why Buy From AC? History Management Team Customer Testimonials Career Opportunities Contact Us News Press Releases Media Coverage Awards Online Press Kit Tips & Tools Glossary of Terms Introduction Rigid PCBs Flexible PCBs Assembly Design PCB Artist Layout Software PCB Artist Tips and Tools Trace Width Calculator Avoiding CAM Hold Metric Converter Controlled Impedance Stack Ups/Controlled Dialectric Gerber File Content Board Specs CAM Procedures Manufacturing PCB References FAQ's General Company Quotes and Orders Manufacturing and Technical RoHS Compliance Update Key Questions Links & Articles IPC - Lead Free Legislation FAQ - Lead Free Referrals Introduction Assemblers PCB Artist Layout Software PCB Designers Product Development Specialized Services Laminate Suppliers PCB References Track Order View Testamonials $500 Off New Customer Special Get an INSTANT Quote Now! FREE Pre-Order File Check Special Offers Place an Order Now! FREE Dinner Certificates Capabilities Contact Us CURRENT SPECIALS 1 .? " 244 " and " 142 " is Back! 2.? 30% OFF 6 & 8-Layer Protos 3.? 20% OFF 4-Layer Protos 4.? Free Tooling on New Part #'s 5.??ENIG & Imm. Silver Specials REGISTER NOW !!! TO RECEIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS, QUOTES AND FREE GIFTS! ???? Experience Convenience, Reliability & Speed What Makes Us Different? Industry's Best ON-TIME Shipping. Over 50% of our orders Ship Early! Expedites?even SAME DAY & WEEKEND TURNS No Tooling charges on Protos? shipped ON TIME or FREE! 24/7 tech assistance 30+ CAM engineers to assist you All order files receive detailed CAM file review No early daily cutoff time "Live" sales?people?by region for personalized support INSTANT online Quotes, Orders & Status No minimum order quantities Products and Services ? Prototype PCBs Full Spec (SAME DAY to 5 days) $33 Each (2 layer - 5 days) $66 Eac