Advanced Probing Systems
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Boulder CO Colorado
United States 80303
Phone: +1 303 939 9384, Fax: +1 303 939 9032
Advanced Probing Systems, Inc. - Leading the Probe Needle Industry Advanced Probing Systems, Inc. ("APS") is the global leader in the manufacture of solid pins used in wafer test, as medical electrodes, as spotting pin blanks in genome testing and in a variety of other applications. APS combines electro-chemical machining, grinding, forming and plating to provide the optimal, most cost efficient pin for your application. Products range from cobra style pins formed from wires in diameters of .004" or less to pins of .400" or larger etched or ground for use in scientific and medical applications. APS's mission to "strive for continuous improvements in process, materials, quality assurance procedures and management in order to continually improve the quality of its products" has guided APS's success during the last 16 years. APS's capabilities, in-process quality assurance procedures, materials and experience will provide you with quality parts and excellent customer service. APS can make custom probes and pins from a variety of materials including tungsten, tungsten-rhenium, beryllium-copper, palladium alloys, NewTek™ and a variety of stainless steel alloys. Tip shapes include sharp, radius, diameter or custom designed tips. All products are manufactured using ISO compliant procedures and in-process quality assurance to guarantee the highest satisfaction. Call today for a consultation or price quote. Focused on... • Quality • Customer Service • Technical Support