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Provider of technical services and auxiliary products. Specializing in cooling towers, chillers, and steam traps.
Sterling's future is built on a strong past, dating back to 1916, when Sterling Engineering Company began manufacturing valves, traps, and condensate pumps for steam and hot water systems. New generations of these products are still offered today as part of the Sterling family.

From the early days of the plastics industry, Sterling has been an innovator. Mold temperature control units continue to be called "Sterlco"s for a reason...when you bring such an important product to market, the name sticks. The products continue to be improved upon to this day.

Sterling is the frontrunner in temperature control units for plastics and industrial applications. For more than 100 years, Sterling and the SterlcoŽ brands have been synonymous with dependable temperature control for applications in plastics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and many other industries.

Sterling has grown to be a market leader across a broad range auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry, leading the way in chillers and process cooling, material handling, and granulators. Sterling brings a century of experience, providing our customers with premium value and quality.
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