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Welcome to Air Sea Containers, your leading provider of products and services for the packing and shipping of dangerous goods (Hazmat) SALES 55 Gallon POLY tight head reconditioned (used) Drums. Pre-Order Special: 49th Edition 2008 IATA DGR IATA- Tambien en Español ASC IS AN OFFICIAL IATA DISTRIBUTOR. Contact us for Shipping & NVOCC Inquiries. NEW IMO IMDG Code New Labels for 2007 **BIO-MEDICAL DEALS** Click on links & photos for further info. Se Habla Español: Click on links & photos for further info. Current Specials: Click Here For Biomedical, Infectious, Diagnostic Packaging Deals Pre-Order Special: 2008 49th Edition IATA DGR publications. Save by pre-ordering. **Regulations for Dangerous Goods by air. **ASC, Inc. is an official IATA Distributor. **Books arrive late September. Extra Coarse Non-Dusty Grade 4 Vermiculite in 4 cu. ft. Bags, Vermiculite acts as completely Inert Absorbent and Cushioning material and it is an essential part of the "Variation" Packing . NEW 2006 L atest edition IMO IMDG Codes Amdt. 33-06 are here. Low price. ** Regulations for Dangerous Goods by Ocean. **ASC, Inc is an official IMO Distributor. New [IMO IMDG CD-Roms v 8.0 Amdt. 33-06] and [IMDG Code e-learning course] on the same CD. Requires Activation. Click link for further details about CD-Rom. Supplied free with every IMDG Book. Please Contact Air Sea Containers, Inc. to activate your CD-Rom today. NEW 5 L (1.32gallon), 11 L (2.91 gallon), and 25 L (6.60 gallon) UN drums. Looking for IATA (Air) and / or IMO (Ocean) D.G. Training? Click here for info. New UN 4D/X250, Also 4D/Y350 Tested Crate. Takes 250 & 350 Kg Blowout sale on various Inner Packaging (IP) products. $ 4.75/box New Battery Box Introductory price , 4G X rated, Specially designed & tested for all types of batteries & 5 x 1L bottles - [12.5" x 12.5" x 12.5"] - UN 4G/X27/S/06 $ 6.20 / 5 L plastic jerricans. Blue or White (Natural) Jerricans. 3H1/Y1.9/200 Biomedical Deals NEW LAW : Required by Center of Disease Control (CDC) for all shippi
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