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Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies designs and manufactures patented systems
and tools for hydrostatic testing, end forming, tube expansion, and high-
pressure components and accessories with pressure capabilities up to 60,000 psi
(4,137 bar) for the aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, HVAC, oil and
gas, mobile equipment, tube and pipe mills.

The TestMaster® line of products offers high-performance systems and tools
used for pressure and leak testing of tubes, tube assemblies, and systems. Tools
are designed to snap on fast and provide positive sealing for plain end tubes.
The low-marking collet design prevents tube end collapse and eliminates scrap.
The tool’s compact, balanced design is suited for restricted spaces such as
aircraft hydraulic and fuel lines.

SelectForm® systems and tools offer flexibility in tube end forming. Dedicated
hand-held tools can expand, reduce, flare, or bead tube ends. Larger diameter,
modular tools can be surfaced mounted on the optional system stand.

The ExpanTek® series of systems and tools can quickly expand tubing for HVAC
applications and tubular assemblies. After the tube expands, collets
automatically release for fast tool removal from the tube. The swaging tool is
designed to swage a tube into a tube header by forming a bead on each side of
the header and locking the tube in place.

NuQuip® High-Pressure accessories and components supply power, connect
equipment, channel fluids, and control pressures to improve system performance
for industrial applications. Products include: accumulators, air-driven pumps,
hoses and fittings, live swivels, quick disconnects, valves, and pressure
regulators. Quick disconnects ease coupling and de-coupling of tools for fast
tool changeover.

Quality products built for performance and engineered to meet your
specifications. "Unparalleled Performance and Safety Under Pressure!"
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