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Alchemy Castings
563 Kenilworth Ave. N 
Hamilton ON Ontario
Canada L8H 4T8
Phone: +1 905 312 9084, Fax: +1 416 289 0574
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Alchemy Castings - lead castings, lead products, lead services Welcome to Alchemy Castings & Art Lead Products . We specialize in manufacturing of Non-Ferrous metals such as, Lead, Tin, and Bismuth based alloys and products. Choose from our extensive product list or contact us with your custom requirements. At Alchemy we are not satisfied until you are. To view our FAQ, please click here. Alloys Antimonial Lead Babbitt (White Metal) Bullet Metal Casting (Pewter/Jewelry) Lead Free Alloys Low Temp (Bismuth Alloys) Raw Metals (Lead, Tin, etc) Solder (Bar & Pig) Anodes Bar Anodes Burning Bar Conforming Anodes Grid Anodes Rod Anodes Stick Anodes Bricks and Blocks Flat Lead Bricks Interlocking Bricks Race Car Weights Test Weights Came Lead Flat H Round H U Lead Y Lead Ornamental Castings Counterweights Aerospace Counterbalance Ballast Lead Boat Keels Cable Weights Crusher Weights Curtain Weights Divers Weights Elevator Weights Flagpole Weights Lead Bricks/Blocks Monitor Boom Weights Lead Sash Weights Stage Weights Test Weights Custom Fabricated Items Boat Keels Lead Counterweights Electroplating Anodes Hot Fills Lead Hammers Nuclear/Medical Shielding Specialty Castings Diecast Lead Counterweights Lead Roof Domes Lead Piano Key Weights Lead Rings Lead Rivets Extrusions Anode Rods Lead Came Lead Stamping Stock Lead Pipe Lead Rods, Lead Bars Taypa Weights Lead Wire Garden Products Large Lead Planters Small Lead Planters Lead Fountains Lead Cisterns Lead Masks Lead Spouts Lead Motifs Recent Projects Lead Shielding Bricks, Blocks Custom Canisters Hot Pours Lead-Lined Sheetrock Sheet Lead, Plate Storage Boxes Vaults Vials Zinc Marine Anodes Pleasure Craft Anodes Zinc Rods Commercial Anodes Zinc Pier Anodes Click Here for a Map ? 2001-2007 Alchemy Castings (1464012 Ontario Inc.) & Alchemy Art Lead Products (1464013 Ontario Inc.) 563 Kenilworth Ave. N., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8H 4T8 Toll-Free: 1-866-312-9084, Phone: (905) 312-9084, Fax: (905) 312-9085, Email
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