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Alfa Transformer - Home Page Free Transformer Calculator Want an Alfa Transformer brochure today? Click on the graphic below or click here . Retrofill With Envirotemp ® FR3 Fluid Envirotemp ® FR3 TM is an edible, seed oil based, environmentally friendly, transformer fluid that can be used in place of traditional, petroleum-based mineral oil. When used to retrofill existing transformers, FR3 fluid has been proven to successfully address key concerns with older transformers. Specifically, FR3 can extend transformer life, while mitigating the safety and environmental risks associated with transformer failures. FR3 fluid is the only non-silicone fluid that meets both the National Electric Code (NEC) and National Electric Safety Code (NESC) standards for less-flammable formulation as well as the UL listing requirements for use in electrical transformers (EOVK listing). Envirotemp ® FR3 TM fluid is well-suited as a replacement fluid for upgrading the safety margin of fluid-filled transformers from both an environmental and fire safety aspect. It is fully miscible with conventional transformer oil, High Molecular Weight Hydrocarbons (HMWH), and most askeral substitutes. Unlike retrofilling with other less-flammable fluids, the residual transformer oil that remains in the transformer typically will not reduce the fire point below the NEC minimum of 300°C. This is true even after full equilibrium has been achieved between the replacement fluid and the residual oil in the paper. The fluid also acts as a drying agent for transformer insulation that has become wet from aging. This property helps extend the useful life of the transformer insulation system. Call Alfa today about extending the life of your transformer and improving safety by retrofilling with Envirotemp ® FR3 TM fluid. Envirotemp ® FR3 MSDS 3750 KVA Spec Sheet Get a Quote 2500 KVA Spec Sheet Get a Quote 1500 KVA Spec Sheet Get a Quote 550 KVA Spec Sheet Get a Quote 770 KVA Spec Sheet Get a Quote Spec Sheet Get a Quote All downloadable fi