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Distributor of Seals, Gaskets, O-rings, Adhesives, Lubricants, Plastic, Metal and Molded Rubber Parts Full-line stocking distributor for standard & ready source for non-standard seals & make-to-print rubber parts. Distributor of O-rings, Minnesota quad rings, hydraulic seals, U-cups, piston cups, vee packings, wipers, lathe cuts, Teflon products, Teflon spring loaded & Teflon oil seals, mechanical shaft seals, gaskets, braided packings, bearing guards, sealants, adhesives, lubricants, silicone fluids & greases, RTV's, UV curing equipment, adhesives & coatings, dispensing equipment & a wide variety of other products in metric sizes. Technical & application assistance is available. SEALS O-Rings , Quad Rings , Oil Seals , Gaskets , Mechanical Seals , Braided Packings , Joint Sealant , Lathe Cuts , Hydraulic Seals , Pneumatic Seals , Stat-O-Seals , Thread Seals , Spliced O-Rings , Diaphragms . BACKUP RINGS Rubber , Teflon , Urethane , Parker 8-Dashs , Leather , Custom . RUBBER PRODUCTS Cord Stock, Tubing, Sheet Stock, Custom Molded, Custom Extruded, Molded Foam Products, Metal-To-Rubber Molding, Bumpers/Grommets , Vibration Mounts, Dampening Materials. OTHER PRODUCTS Retaining Rings, Wave Washers , Teflon Products , O-Ring Kits , O-Ring Splicing Kits , Teflon Tape , Custom Molded Plastic Parts , Custom Extruded Plastic Shapes , Automated Packaging Equipment , Metal Products (Machined, Formed, Stamped or Cast), Measuring Devices , Ground Rubber Balls , Software Based Information, Vendor Managed Inventory , Bumpons , Caplugs. , Dispensing Equipment Learn More ... ADHESIVES Epoxies , Silicone RTV , Anaerobic , Cyanoacrylate , Cyberbond , Urethane , Acrylic , UV Curing Adhesives and Equipment LUBRICANTS HVS-100 Silicone Grease , 221R Silicone Grease , Coolube 65 , Hydrolube , Molykote Industrial Lubricants , HUSKEY™ Specialty Lubricants PERMA Glyde Friction can be an asset at times, but in general it is a problem in most sealing applications. Friction, torque and wear problems can drastically reduce efficiency and