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Wire Ropes and Slings, Fittings, Chains, Blocks, The-Hook Devices, Synthetic Slings, Mesh Slings, and Cargo Control, Hoists, Pullers, and Winches, Cordage and Marine Products, Safety Fall Restraint, Tools - ALP Industries Inc., Home Products About ALP Corporate Office Sales Offices Request Catalog Send RFQ Spanish Version ALP Industries has 15 sales offices located in the Eastern and Western United States. Formed in April,2005 ALP Caribbean, Inc. maintains an office and warehouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are industrial distributors specializing in lifting products. In addition to the products presented below, we provide inspection and proof testing services. Please contact the location nearest you. Wire Ropes & Slings - This section includes 6 X 19, 6 X 37, Rotation Resistant , Galvanized Aircord , Coated and Specialty Crane ropes . Slings , Pendants and other wire rope assemblies are presented. Special safety and design considerations are listed. Chain - This section includes G80 & G100 Alloy Chain Components & Assemblies. Other topics include G70 Transport Chain, Proof Coil & High Test Chain, Specialty Chains, Ratchet & Lever Binders, and Stainless Steel Chain. Fittings, Blocks & Below - The-Hook Devices - This section includes Hooks, Clips, Shackles, Thimbles, Turnbuckles, Snatch Blocks, Sockets, Swage Fittings, Swivel Hoist Rings, & Overhaul Balls. Below-the-hook devices include Beams, Pallet Lifters Magnets, Barrier Grabs, Plate Lifting Clamps, & Concrete Buckets. Synthetic Slings, Mesh Slings, & Cargo Control - This section includes Flat Web Slings, Round Slings, Wire Mesh Slings, Chain Mesh Slings, Tie-Downs, Ratchet Strap Assemblies, Interior Load Control Bars, & Web Fitting Hardware . Hoists, Pullers, & Winches - This section includes Lever Hoists, Chain Falls, Electric Hoists, Jib Hoists, Trolleys, Chain Hoists & Puller, Wire Rope Hoists, Come-A-Longs, Manual and Electric Driven Winches. Cordage & Marine Products - Products in this section include Manila Rope, Nylon Rope, Polypropylen
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