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Altair Technologies | Home The Material Joining Innovators About Us Engineering Products Services Processes Market Segments FAQ Contact Brazing & Material Joining Technologies If your application requires vacuum furnace brazing, hydrogen atmosphere brazing, aluminum brazing, diffusion bonding, annealing, laser welding or other specialized material joining process, call us for a quote. Quality is our Top Priority Altair is ISO 9001:2000 registered and dedicated to quality in all products and engineering solutions. Altair Delivers Real Solutions We deliver unsurpassed furnace brazing solutions and quality precision joined assemblies. Bring us your most challenging projects and we will find the right technical solution. We can often save you money, aggravation and delays. Complete Customer Support from Start to Finish Our services include build-to-print service, design assistance, prototyping and/or contract manufacturing. Our vacuum and hydrogen furnace brazing equipment is capable of accommodating a wide variety of both part size and volume ranges. We also offer computer design, welding, parts cleaning, a clean assembly facility, machine shop services, and state-of-the-art inspection equipment. Most importantly, our engineers and staff professionals are quality driven specialists who take extreme pride in the products and services delivered by Altair Technologies. New! Precision Assembly Products tassembly products: Electron Guns, High Power RF Windows, Appendage Ion Pumps, UHV Feed Throughs, and Specialized RF Waveguides. Products & Applications in Major Industries Medical: Linear Accelerator (LINAC), RF Windows, Electron Guns, Ion Pumps and various braze assemblies Security: Linear Accelerator (LINAC), X-Ray Tubes, Ion Pumps Defense: Traveling Wave Tubes, RF Windows, Ion Pumps, Electron Guns, Waveguide Assemblies, Feed-Through Assemblies Semiconductor: Heaters, Pedestals, ESC's, Cooling Channel Assemblies, Water Boxes Alternative Energy: Brazing applications associated with Fuel Cells Copyright Altair Technologi