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Metal repair and patching compound - Alvin Products - Metal Restoration and Repair ABOUT OUR COMPANY ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS HOW TO ORDER PRODUCT LINE PHOTO GALLERY PRODUCT PACKAGING LAB-METAL SOLUTIONS PRODUCT NEWS LAB-METAL PROJECTS FOR POWDER COATERS FOR DISTRIBUTORS LITERATURE MSDS WORLDWIDE HIGH TEMP PAINTS HIGH TEMP COATINGS STOVE PAINT LAB-METAL ready-to-use repair and patching compound. Aluminum-filled dent filler for thousands of repairs. "Spreads like paste, hardens into metal", simply by exposure to air. Application tip: Lab-metal and Hi-temp Lab-metal harden upon exposure to air, thus the user may need to keep the applicator wet with Lab-solvent in order to aid in smoothing the application (and reduce "pulling"). Lab-metal ready-to-use repair and patching compound Hi-Temp Lab-metal repair and patching compound for repairs to 1000?F Lab-solvent thinner for Lab-metal and metal cleaner Galvax zinc-rich cold galvanizing compound,zinc rich primer, zinc rich paint, Zinc Paint Heat Block Heat Sink Compound Telcon mold release dry lubricant Alvin Products can be used for: High Temperature Epoxy for Powder Coating Epoxy Adhesive for metal castings Epoxy Putty for Aluminum Conductive Epoxy for Powder Coating Wood Epoxy Filler for Filling imperfections Aluminum Epoxy for metal castings High Temp Epoxy for Patching Epoxy Sealant for metal, wood and auto bodies Engine Block epoxy filler Epoxy Potting Compound Silicone Sealant for metal and rough welds Joint sealant for metal Head Gasket Sealant and crack repair Auto Body and filler compound High Temperature resistant metal patch High Temperature Adhesive for filling surface defects High Temperature metal repair compound Seal Porosity in Castings Tell-A-Friend | Contact Us | Join Our Mailing List Design & Hosted by GIBS ALVIN PRODUCTS ~ A DIVISION OF DAMPNEY COMPANY, INC. 85 PARIS STREET ~ EVERETT, MA 02149 Phone (978) 423-7681 ~ Fax (617) 389-0484 ~ Contact Us COPYRIGHT ? 2001 - 2007. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.