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American Magnetics, Inc. Home Page My Title E xcellence in M agnetics and C ryogenics Industrial Liquid Level Measurement Solutions AMI manufactures many types of Superconducting Magnet Systems for a variety of Magnetic Applications . Need help planning a system? - See Helpful Information when planning a magnet system. We also provide equipment such as Current Leads , Cryostats/Dewars and a wide range of Magnet Power Supply Systems engineered specifically for superconducting magnet applications. MAxes TM Multi-Axis Systems Vector Field Rotation to 1.5 Tesla STM Magnet Systems Cryogen Free Magnet Systems AMI is the world's leading source of Liquid Helium Level Monitors and LHe Sensors . AMI also has a complete line of other capacitance-based Cryogenic Level Instruments for a variety of cryogenic liquids using Capacitance Level Sensors available in a wide variety of designs to meet the requirements of each application. Model 135-2K LHe Level Instrument for uninterrupted operation through the Lambda point Small LN2 Dewar Autofill System Model 175 Industrial, Explosion-Proof, Cryogenic Liquid Level Transmitter used with Industrial Application Level Sensors for cryo and non-cryogenic applications. AMI offers complete turnkey Contract Manufacturing and Assembly Services, including design assistance, material procurement, process definition, printed circuit board or electro-mechanical assembly, and final test. Learn more about American Magnetics, Inc. located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Contact AMI Careers Site Map Sales MAP - How to Visit AMI Oak Ridge, TN 37830-7068 Copyright ?2004 by American Magnetics, Inc. All rights reserved. All information subject to change.