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Ample Power Web Site     Home of the fast full charge! The name says it all! Products Technical Documents Whats New Contact Us Dave's Blog Ample Power is the market leader in complete energy management systems for marine vessels, remote sites, telecommunications sites and ocean buoys. Our solutions enable users to regulate, monitor, control, automate and integrate wind, solar, generator and grid energy sources for efficient and dependable power -- anywhere in the world. The innovative engineering team led by co-founder, David Smead, and headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA, builds equipment to manage and communicate with all energy sources including smart battery chargers, temperature compensated smart alternator regulators, precision battery Amp-hour instruments, solar controllers/regulators and engine start/stop controllers. We are the originators of multi-step, temperature compensated charging methods which results in more useable capacity and greater life for your batteries. "We still hear from customers using the same batteries with our monitoring and charging gear they installed almost 20 years ago. They appreciate the performance and reliability of our solution to their real world energy needs". Ruth Ishihara, Co-founder. Products | Technical Documents | What's New | Contact Us