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Anchor Lamina - Manufacturer of Die Sets, Die Components, Metal Fabrications, and Hydraulic Equipment Standard and Custom Die Sets from the very smallest to very large die sets in sizes up to 120" x 360" (3000 x 9000 mm). See why Anchor Lamina die and mold components are a favorite among tool makers. Steel Plate cut, ground, machined to the exact shape and size you need. Because we fabricate rather than cast our fixture bases, aluminum or steel fixture bases are available to any size and shape. Large custom steel plate fabrications for use as machine bases, milling machine angle plates, and large structural steel platforms. Our portable hydraulic drilling equipment is a favorite in the mining, steel construction, ship building and nuclear power industries. Sign In/Out | Register NEW LamCam Options LamCam NAAMS, Modular, and SlimCam aerial and diemount cams are now available with these Standard Cam Options : Contour/Machining Cam Face Extra Travel Larger or Smaller Cam Face Optional Fastening Flange/Smaller Footprint Angles Specific to Application 3 Spring Return Options Shock Absorber/Accelerator Option Adapter Plates Higher Spring/Stripping Forces Standard Cams without Drivers Options for High Strength Steel For more information about LamCam options, please contact your Lamina Representative for more details. Text Size: abc abc © 1997-2007 Anchor Lamina Legal © 2002-2007 Agora Global Networks Inc. Design XHTML CSS
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