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Andeen-Hagerling, Inc. Home Page ANDEEN-HAGERLING, INC. manufacturers of the world's most accurate capacitance bridges and standards Products · 2700A Bridge · 2550A Bridge · 2500A Bridge · 11A Standard · DCOAX Cable Download Support Feedback Contacts Africa · South Africa Asia · China · India · Japan · Korea · Taiwan · Thailand Australia Europe · Eastern Europe · France · Germany · Netherlands · Scandinavia · Spain · Switzerland · U.K. U.S.A. For the convenience of its customers, Andeen-Hagerling is pleased to provide the following product information: AH 2700A, 50 Hz - 20 kHz Ultra-precision Capacitance/Loss Bridge The World's Most Accurate 50 Hz - 20k Hz Capacitance/Loss Bridge AH 2550A, 1 kHz Automatic Capacitance Bridge, The World’s Most Accurate Capacitance/Loss Bridge AH 2500A, 1 kHz Automatic Capacitance Bridge, The World’s Most Accurate Capacitance/Loss Bridge Please note: The non-option-E version of the AH2500A has been replaced by the AH2550A bridge. Please refer to the AH2550A page . AH 1100 Capacitance Standard Frame, AH 11A Fused-Silica Capacitance Standard, The World’s Most Stable Capacitance Standards in commercial production DCOAX Cable, Dual, Low Noise, Coaxial Cable Optimized For Three-Terminal Capacitance Measurements High quality printed editions of the brochures listed above, and other Andeen-Hagerling publications listed below, may be ordered from the Reader Response Form : Substantive Differences between the AH 2500A without and with the Option-E: “What the Option-E buys you” LabVIEW Virtual Instrument Drivers may be downloaded from the LabVIEW page . A few Technical Support Articles supplement the manual. Andeen-Hagerling is interested in visitors to its web site. Before leaving this site... Please browse to the Reader Response Form . International Representatives' web sites: Africa South Africa - Measuring Instruments Tec