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APC International, Ltd. Search Our Site Available Now! APC International Ltd. releases their new text book. Click here to find out how to order this book! Text book is now available in Russian. Contact Sergej Zhukov for details. Who Is APCI? | What Can APCI Do For You? | Other Sites of Interest APC International, Ltd. is a global manufacturer and supplier of high quality piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric products for customers in a wide range of industries: aerospace, automotive, consumer, engineering and design, industrial, manufacturing, medical products, military, and others. News APCI Headquarters New Production Facility APCI Announces the Opening of its New Production Facility in Mackeyville, Pennsylvania Please click here for more details If you need a piezo ceramic element, or a product that incorporates piezo ceramic elements, we look forward to discussing your needs with you. Our products include: piezoelectric ceramics in standard and custom shapes bending actuators disc benders flow control products level control products nebulizers (fluid atomizers) ultrasonic cleaning components single-crystal elements stack actuators buzzers ignitors NDT components ultrasonic air transducers ultrasonic welding components alumina parts In addition to our products, our skilled engineering staff and in-house research facilities enable us to offer a range of services, including: materials development systems optimization custom joint development programs transducer design custom assembly Click here to view our piezo products. Home | News | Contact | Site Map | Piezo Theory | Materials | Products/Services | Order APCI is an active member in the above organizations. Please visit their websites for more information. Disclaimer: All information on this website is presented in good faith, but the user is responsible for ascertaining accuracy, suitability, safety, and patent status for any specific application or environment. APC International, Inc. and its representatives cannot accept responsibility for losses or dam