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Home - Applied Energy Solutions Industrial Battery Chargers Applied Energy Solutions is one of the leading industrial battery charger manufacturers in the United States. We are also the application experts when it comes to providing battery charging solutions for our customers. Unlike our competition, we work closely with our North American distributor network to provide our customers with battery chargers that maximize their lift truck fleet’s operating efficiency. Remember – all battery chargers are not alike and that the type and size of your battery charger can significantly impact how well your material handling system performs. Light duty, three shift, cold storage, opportunity charging, and fast charging all require different chargers. That’s why we produce a complete line of ferroresonant, controlled ferroresonant, and SCR industrial battery chargers to help you maximize the efficiency of your material handling system and your investment. Finally, we stand behind the well-known quality and reliability of our industrial battery chargers with the best customer service and warranties in the business. This includes our extraordinary 10 YEAR FULL COVERAGE warranty on our WorkHorse Series 3, Steed CFR, QuarterHorse Opportunity Charger, and the ThoroughBred Rapid Charger. Applied Energy Solutions Advantages : Industrial battery charger applications expertise. A North American distributor network. The most complete line of chargers for every application. Our product’s well-known quality and reliability. Unsurpassed customer service. The industry’s best warranties. Members of the following organizations: Why would you settle for anything less?
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