Sonotec Application Notes
Associated Electro Mechanics
185 Rowland Street 
Springfield MA Massachusetts
United States 01107
Phone: (800) 371-9189
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Associated Electro-Mechanics - The One-Stop Industrial Service Center We are the largest independent Industrial Service Center in the Northeast providing industry with services that cover Electrical, Mechanical, Machining, Welding, and Field Services. Our multi-faceted field service crews and a staff of electrical and mechanical engineers compliment the departmentalized staff operations. AEM offers a multitude of services on a variety of equipment. Select one of the buttons below to begin your search. Search by "Service" to find the services that we offer. Search by "Equipment" to find the type of equipment that you want repaired. Search by "Industry" to find your industry and the services we offer. AEM has a large stock of electric motors that include the commonly used HP, Speed and Frame. If your request does not match, please call us at 1-800-288-4276 for availability. AEM offers expert blower and gear box repair and rebulding. Upon receipt of your blower. AEM's trained service staff will begin an immediate disassembly of the unit, which includes documenting all critical dimensions to factory specifications. If a problem is exposed, the flawed component is sent to our comprehensive machine shop, where the necessary repairs can be performed and then quickly returned to our technicians for re-assembly. 1-800-288-4276 185 ROWLAND STREET P.O. BOX 2650 SPRINGFIELD, MA 01101 Home | Contact Us ? 2003 All Rights Reserved. associated ElectroMechanics 1-800-288-4276 185 Rowland St. Springfield, MA 01107